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Worst ever NDP song!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Legal issues aside, this song is really mindless.

We are celebrating National Day! We are suppose to celebrate Singapore's achievements and vision for the future!

How does this "Fun Pack Song" fit into the picture? It is demeaning! The organising committee should be taken to task! Definitely in bad taste.

Haresh Sharma, this is a joke!

I want Newater and I want a cold drink
You and me, let's share a bit
I want a biscuit and I want a sweet
You and me, let's share this treat

Puke nation!

See the video here:


Anonymous said...

Just on the basis on this crap idea, I want change come 2016! at least 25 opposition seats into parliament!


Isaac said...

gosh. disgusting!

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