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ARA: Partial divestment at $1.155.

Friday, October 7, 2011

When I was looking at ARA's chart last night, I decided that I should do a partial divestment. I would sell those shares I bought on 4 Oct, Tuesday.

Why? Volume was relatively thin. Up days accompanied by such thin volume are suspicious.

I decided that there would be resistance at $1.16 because that was the price at the start of two long black candle days and with high volume to boot.

Shareholders who had wanted to divest then but did not do so at $1.16 would remember that price. They would also remember how a low of $1.015 was hit by the close of the next day. That was a whopping 14.5c loss in just two days!

Mr. Market remembers extremes well and would try to divest if $1.16 should be tested. Today, the counter hit a high of $1.165 before closing at $1.15. The resistance at $1.16 was overcome only briefly. Closing at $1.15 means $1.16 is still the resistance to watch for now.

Using Fibo lines, we see that 61.8% approximates $1.18 and this is also where gap close could take place if the resistance at $1.16 could be taken out convincingly. The next higher resistance is at $1.23 as provided by the 50% Fibo line and the declining 20dMA.

Naturally, my next sell order is at $1.18. I could also place another sell order where the declining 20dMA is approximating. However, unless volume should increase meaningfully, it is hard to envisage ARA's share price moving much higher. Volume is, after all, the fuel that drives rallies.

As the MACD is still in negative territory and with no sign of a positive divergence, the shares bought on Tuesday were really for a quick trade on expectations that a rebound would materialise. So, I put in an overnight sell order at $1.155, just one bid below $1.16 where I expected some resistance. This was filled.

Locking in gains with a partial divestment is, I believe, the right thing to do. The counter is in a downtrend and we want to sell at resistance in a downtrend. I think that is what short sellers are waiting to do as well.

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Hwang said...

Hmm, i wanted to place a queue for partial divestment too this morning before i go to work based on overnight action in the west.

But then Standard Chartered trading doesn't work in the morning!! Is it just me?


AK71 said...

Hi Hwang,

We might see the gap filled at $1.18 in the next session. Volume has to expand appreciably in order to make this more probable. $1.16 is still resistance for now. Good luck to both of us. :)

Oh, you should call up Standard Chartered and make some noise. It happened to me with my broker before and they were nice enough to do something for me. ;)

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