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Singapore Kindness Movement.

Monday, October 31, 2011

I always believe in being courteous. However, there are times when I just feel like bashing in some people's faces. These are people who do not appreciate courtesy and are totally inconsiderate.

This world would be a much nicer place to live in if everyone is more considerate and courteous towards one another. Is it so hard to show consideration and courtesy?

Do you use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ often? What you say matters and how you do so – politely and graciously – also makes a difference.
- Singapore Kindness Movement.

Make Singapore a kinder, more courteous place.
Let us all do our part. Find out more at:

Thank you. :)


Anonymous said...

I always say "sorry" even when i'm not at fault. LOL xx


AK71 said...

Hi Jaime,

Once, I said, "Sorry, could I have the pepper please?" This was at a dinner table with some classmates. A classmate's husband looked at me and went, "Sorry for what? Nah."


Anonymous said...

Hahah that's funny. Sometimes i get that too. Friends would tell me stop being so apologetic and weak. xx


ps: btw, I noticed your blog don't have chatbox. Consider installing one?

AK71 said...

Hi Jaime,

You are the third reader to ask for a cbox in my blog. I did toy with the idea of having a cbox before. What is holding me back?

1. I might not be able to moderate the content and keep out spam in a cbox. Cboxes are open to abuse.

2. Two very active cboxes come to mind: one at Singstocks and one at Bully the Bear. So, another cbox in our small circle could be redundant. I notice that the cbox at Create Wealth hardly has any activities and get mostly spam, for example.

So, unless there is an overwhelming demand for a cbox by readers, I don't think I will start one. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi AK,

I was just thinking abt this particular topic today & then I read your blog :)

I have been to countries where courtesy is a way of life. It come so naturally.

Example, if a car spot you from a mile when you were about to cross the road, the driver would actually slow down or stop the car. Here they will speed faster or horn at you. In overseas, the gentlemen always have a ladies first attitude. Here, the men will hurriedly brush us aside. Nobody want to "lose".

I wonder to myself, is it because we are leaving in a too fast paced society? If others are rude, we will automatically react the same way. And so it goes on & on . . .


AK71 said...

Hi KM,

I have to constantly remind myself to be a better person. :(

I believe Singaporeans are just too caught up with money making and material well-being to care much about intangibles such as courtesy.

Guess what, I can prove it. ;p

I just checked on the number of clicks the link in this blog post has received. Less than 5! Not many people are interested in the Singapore Kindness Movement.

If you remember, I had a blog post on the remaining prizes to be won for McDonald's Monopoly game. That is an old post by now and the link provided in that blog post still received more clicks in the same time frame. Haha... ;p

Hey guys, prove me wrong and go to the link I provided in this blog post and read more about the Singapore Kindness Movement. ;)

Oh, I must not forget to say this: Thank you. :)

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