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Capitaland: Pushing higher on lower volume.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Capitaland's share price touched a high of $2.66 and closed at $2.65. Remember that I mentioned that in very bullish circumstances we could see $2.65 or even $2.75 tested? This is still valid.

I did a partial divestment at $2.65 today. If the following week should see price pushing higher, I would be happy to divest once more. $2.75? It could happen although I see the declining 200dMA now at $2.73. This could limit further appreciation in price. Although bulls could push past this resistance, it would surprise me (pleasantly) if price could close above the 200dMA. Why do I say this?

Look at the trading volume. It has been reducing. Indeed, volume is also lower this week as compared to last week. Volume is the fuel that drives rallies and reducing volume could be an early signal of coming weakness in price. Volume precedes price.

Momentum oscillators also signal that greater caution should be exercised. On the daily charts, the MFI has entered overbought territory while the Stochastics has been overbought for some time. It is riskier to go long at present despite the return of positive momentum as shown by a rising MACD in positive territory.

Long holders could consider selling while anyone thinking of buying could consider waiting for a pull back to supports.

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Ray said...

should have held on to it a while longer. :P

Dividends Warrior said...

Jurong Gateway coming up in the next few years.

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

Haha.. Don't start on this. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi DW,

Do you think that has any bearing on the recent price movement?

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