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Tea with AK71: Another loaf of bread.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I blogged about how a loaf of bread could last me for days before. I like raisin bread the most and would usually buy when there is a special deal. Gardenia's raisin bread had a special deal going for a while but ended a couple of weeks ago.

On Sunday, I bought a loaf of softmeal bread from Sunshine. Usual price: $2.30. Special offer: $1.95.

Today, I finished the last few slices and had the two bread ends for lunch with a generous spread of margarine. Had to be more generous with the margarine or they would be too dry and difficult to swallow.

An inexpensive and healthy lunch.

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Tea with AK71: A loaf of bread.


Musicwhiz said...

Yeah I grabbed the $1.95 loaf too myself. Value for money.

The difference is that I prefer bread for breakfast rather than lunch; and I coat it with a generous layer of peanut-butter. Sinful!

AK71 said...

Hi MW,

Something else we have in common, I see. ;)

I eat it for breakfast and lunch. I am not particular. Food is just food to me. Haha..

I like peanut butter too but I have been avoiding it because it is heaty. I have been avoiding Nutella for the same reason although I love it to bits! :)

Ray said...

Eat it for lunch too. but I'm alittle more cheapo coz no spread.
Dip in 3-in-1 coffee for flavour :D
Food is just to make me full. As long as got taste, can swallow, I'll bite.

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

Is the 3 in 1 coffee from the office pantry? I take my hat off to you, my comrade in frugality. ;)

Ray said...

Haha, err my company more frugal than me coz they dont provide coffee in pantry. Got to buy my own. I try to save by not buying coffee from canteen and rely on 3-in-1 satchets.
Cheaper mah :)

Speaking of frugality, I also told Drizzt that I'm Scrooge Mc Duck.

lovemybed said...

Margarine isn't exactly healthy.

Between transfat and saturated fat, I wonder which is the lesser evil.

AK71 said...

Hi lovemybed,

The fact that margarine has trans fat has been blown out of proportion (perhaps by those who sell butter). ;)

If you look carefully, the amount of trans fat in many brands of margarine is almost negligible. In fact, there is trans fat free margarine these days. :)

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