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FCOT: DPU up 16.8% in the last 18 months.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I did a piece on FCOT in October 2010 when I said that the REIT has probably turned the corner. At that time, it was trading at 15.5c a unit (which would have been 77.5c a unit, post consolidation). It closed at 87.5c in the last session.

DPU was 0.5549c then (which would have been 2.7745c, post consolidation). FCOT has declared a DPU of 3.2423c for 1H FY12 which means that DPU has increased some 16.8% from 18 months ago. It will go XD on 25 April and income distribution will take place on 30 May.

Annualised, we are looking at a distribution yield of 7.4% at a unit price of 87.5c.

Distributable income increased 7.7% YoY to S$15.9m as a result of lower interest expenses.

Average portfolio occupancy eased marginally to 96.1% from 97.6% seen in 1Q.

Weighted average lease to expiry as at 31 Mar was maintained at 3.4 years, with 17.0% of its leases due to expire in FY12.

NAV/unit: $1.33

Gearing: 36.1%

Interest cover ratio: 3.25x.

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AK71 said...

Frasers Commercial Trust has announced a distributable income of $11 million to unitholders for the quarter ended 30 June 2012 (3Q FY12). This represents a 25.8% increase compared to $8.7 million achieved a year ago.

The Trust achieved a 23.2% increase in DPU for this quarter.

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