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Tea with AK71: Home made sandwich!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My last blog post on what I had for lunch was a cause of concern for some readers. I have to say that I don't eat instant noodles all the time and I apologise if I have given anyone the wrong impression. I am happy to note, however, that so many readers of ASSI are into healthy eating.

So, what am I having today for lunch? A home made sandwich.

1. Wholemeal bread
2. Tuna flakes
3. Lettuce
4. Cheese


This is probably the least expensive and yummiest wholemeal bread I have come across. Available at all Cold Storage and Shop N Save supermarkets. It is their house brand.

NTUC Fairprice's house brand wholemeal bread is cheaper, if I remember correctly, but it is a bit dry and not as tasty. Of course, taste is a very personal thing.

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Ray said...


I recommend this "Super Value" bread which is cheap but taste good. Soft and not dry at all.
It's found in NTUC only.
But no high-fibre or the fancy kinds of bread that you may want to choose.

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

Do they have wholemeal bread? I will keep an eye out for this next time I visit NTUC Fairprice. Thanks! :)

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