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Tea with AK71: Parting with an old friend.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Would you consider 15 years a relatively long time to be in a relationship? Personally, I think it is. It is longer than the duration of many marriages I know of.

After 15 years, I am finally parting ways with an old friend which has been showing visible signs of ageing. Beginning to fall apart, it still stayed by me, faithfully serving me while I reluctantly looked for a replacement in the past couple of months.

I must admit that it is really hard to find a fitting replacement as the candidates were either too big, too small, too complicated, too sexy, too fake, too simple or just didn't feel right. Finally, I found one that is just about right.

What am I talking about? My wallet, of course.

My old wallet was from Heritage, a company in West Germany. Yes, it was bought during a time when Germany was divided into East and West. I think it cost me a bit more than S$100.00 back then. I bought it when I got my very first pay cheque.

Visible signs of wear and tear as the stitching in the fold unravels.
The replacement wallet is apparently quite branded or so I was told by friends. Braun Buffel is a company in Germany (not West Germany) and this wallet costs me $109.00, after a discount. 

15 years on, it is still roughly the same price to get a good quality German leather wallet. No inflation! A miracle!

Even though it is very similar to my old wallet in design, I feel that my old wallet is still better. I guess I just need time to get used to the new one.

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FoodieFC said...

wow u used it for so long

meesiam said...

Really can't help to say walaunu really thrifty...u really deserve to be rich :)

B said...

For one moment I thought you are attached until reading the part below..... Wallet -.-...

hahahaha :D


AK71 said...

Hi FoodieFC,

I would usually use something till it is broken before replacing it. I am not one to go after fashion or trends either.

I have many things which are way older which I am still using. Some friends told me it is embarrassing. Is it really? Haha..

AK71 said...

Hi meesiam,

The day I could buy a Mercedes Benz C class without having to think too hard is when I am rich. ;p

I spend on what is necessary and what I feel is worthwhile. If I can save the money, I would rather save it. :)

AK71 said...

Hi B,

Hahaha... Attached? You know, now that you have mentioned it, none of my relationships lasted as long as 15 years. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


For me, I like touch and smell of my well worn and seasoned leather wallet. (Although not as long as yours; you win liao!)

The leather is softer and smoother than the buttocks of a new born right?

And the smell! The combination of my backside and the accumulation of years of dollar notes is ah...

I better stop before I go into a state of ecstasy. LOL!

You remind of my ex-super founding boss - Ingvar Kamprad ;)

And that's a compliment!

AK71 said...


Yes, very soft and smooth. Hahaha... However, mine doesn't smell of my backside because I keep my wallet and some other stuff in a messenger bag which I bring with me. ;)

Actually, the leather is still good but the stitching is giving way. I was not in a hurry to replace the old wallet even then although I would stop and look whenever I see wallets for sale. So, when I chanced upon a wallet that is very similar, I bought it. Must have succession planning, right? ;p

Aiyoh, your compliment is way too big for my head. Really. I cannot imagine driving the same car for 20 years or more, for example. I am also a lazy fellow and cannot imagine creating a business empire like IKEA.

I know I function best as a 2IC and never as a leader but, perhaps, I have not found something I am truly passionate about. Then again, at 41 years old, chances are slim that I would. I should be contented.

JJ said...

Ak, I think....& think..... The oldest thing still with me today is ME lor! HAPPY SHOPPING :)

AK71 said...

Hi JJ,

Wah! You and you? That is cheating. Hahaha.. ;p

I am always happy shopping especially if I find good deals! :)

FoodieFC said...

Why is it embarrassing. I don't think it is. Actually, I seldom change my wallet too. And use it till its really torn and can't be use any more. In the process, many pple ask me why I don't change.

Well, I do not see the need to change as its still serving its purpose. And has so many compartments for my cards. (I am lazy to find another similar one haha)

But even then, the longest mine last was 7 years! So much lesser than urs

AK71 said...

Hi FoodieFC,

To people who care about appearances, it is embarrassing and I have the impression that most people do care about appearances.

If you stuff your wallet in your back pocket, don't do it and it will last longer. :)

SnOOpy168 said...

mine lasted about 3 - 4 years each. Damaged due to sweaty pockets. Replacement usually costed me about S$35 - 50 ea. This current one, a Picard soft leather, cost about S$38 after 30% disc @ Isetan. Fair deal & lets see how long it will last.

What do I do with those only smelly wallets ? Sun tan them for a loooong while, then use it to hold my various foreign currencies.

AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

I would have bought a Picard or Goldlion leather wallet as they are less expensive compared to the one I bought. However, they did not have anything similar to what I was replacing. :(

Hey! I keep my old wallets for the same purpose. :)

I do have a cheap fabric wallet with velcro closure that I use when I travel though.

FoodieFC said...

spot on, I do stuff it into my back pocket. I mean where else can you put ur wallet, if you are not carrying a bag? =)

AK71 said...

Hi FoodieFC,

I don't like the feeling of having things in my pockets. I have a messenger bag which I use to keep my wallet, keys, coin pouch, medication, hand sanitiser, hand moisturiser, tissue paper etc. When I go out, I sling the bag across my body and I am ready. ;)

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