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Tea with AK71: Cute snack from Japan.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cute packaging:

Strawberry flavoured chocolate snack. Cute!

From where? Japan.

Now, it is in my tummy. Burp.


blauereiter said...

Hey ! This looks so similar to the pork buns at my local supermarket when I was working in Japan :

AK71 said...

Hi blauereiter,

Oh my, they look too cute to eat! At JPY55 each, they are reasonably priced too especially with the JPY having plunged some 20% in the last few months. At today's exchange rate, about 66c or so.

However, you took the photo in 2009. Price is probably higher now. :(

Which city in Japan did you see these? I have never seen them before. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi AK,

Just wanted to comment...




AK71 said...

Hi Tree,

I also say. So des ne. :D

blauereiter said...

Hello Mr AK41,

I agree, those piggies are too cute to be eaten !

This was at the supermarket near my house in Tanashi in West Tokyo, a suburban area. :]

AK71 said...

Hi blauereiter,

Ah, in the suburbs. Actually, there are many surprises to be found in the suburbs.

OK, I will make a mental note. Thanks. :) said...

haha So cute, ok I am going Japan next month - will be looking out for these cute snacks in the supermarkets and will take pics and post here ... or just email you! :)


AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

It is a good time to visit Japan what with the JPY so much cheaper compared to a year ago. Good on you. :)

If you provide a link to your photos in the comments section here, I will definitely go take a look.

If you would like to email a few photos to me, see if you could minimise their size to 50KB per photo. I will gladly put them up here to share with other readers.

Bon voyage! :) said...

Yes sir noted about file size ! Yup timed to enjoy cherry blossoms - keeping fingers n toes crossed that its bloom time. Like for all things beautiful one can't time it :)) cheers

AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

I am soooo envious. Hahaha...

I miss Japan. Maybe, I will visit again when JPY declines further.

JPY 1,000 = S$12.50... Cheong arh! ;p said...

hahahah!!! errrrh cheong .. hmmmm ... if u hv any good tips on japan feel free to share! :)))

AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

Plan ahead just like for any holiday and enjoy yourself. ;)

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