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Health screening in a polyclinic.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I have been hearing about people in my age group suddenly dying from strokes and heart attacks. Also, in recent weeks, I heard of people younger than me who were diagnosed with heart problems. 

The last straw that broke the camel's back was learning that a friend who is several years younger than me and physically fitter being diagnosed with some worrying health issues very recently.

I will be 42 this year and, perhaps, it is time that I exercise my privilege as a Singaporean to receive subsidised healthcare! I searched for Singapore polyclinics online and found this:

Our patients are offered the Opportunistic Health Screening (OHS) Service if they are aged 40 years and above, have no known personal history of diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol), and have not been screened for these conditions in the past 12 months.

OHS screens for conditions such as obesity and major coronary disease risk factors. Supported by a computer-based health screening system, patients obtain their health screening reports and are counselled in the same session. 

More information: here.

Yesterday, I called the hotline and was impressed with how easy it was to make an appointment.

Today, I went to the polyclinic at the appointed time and I was impressed!

The interior was bright, well ventilated and clean. It didn't feel like a clinic or a hospital at all. I thought it felt like a resort in Bintan.

I scanned my IC and was given a number which was called within 5 minutes at the registration counter. Then, I was asked to go one level up where I was attended to within 5 minutes too.

The whole experience was very pleasant and the price tag did not cause me a heart attack. How much did it cost? Only S$12.00.

I encourage all Singaporean readers who are eligible to take advantage of this value for money service offered by the polyclinics. I am glad I did.

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Poh Soon said...

Why people who look healthy will some time die suddenly?

Human body typically have very high tolerance level. For instance, we typically do not feel unfortable even though if our artery block until >= 75%. Even if the blockage hit 75%, the symptom might not be alarming for one to see doctor or do proper treatment.

By the time that it is severe enough, the blood vessel could have blockage of 80 - 90%.

Btw, the best way to find out the blockage of the blood vessel, if not mistaken is via Angiography.

SnOOpy168 said...

Thanks for the update. $12 is better than almost $300, I paid for a private screening 3 years back. Some test items could be different.

hey, it is my right as a citizen. Cannot lugi.

AK71 said...

Hi Poh Soon,

Thanks for sharing. I learn something. :)

I am going to make lifestyle changes to be healthier.

AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

I am sure you are right. There is no ECG at the polyclinic. I was looking forward to an ECG. :(

AK71 said...

Later this year you can go for $5 health screening to check your blood cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, BP...
Cheap & good! :)

$5? Wah! So cheap! I went for a health screening a few years ago at a polyclinic and it was $12. I thought it was super cheap already. Now, I feel cheated! :p

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