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9 steps to destroy back-stabbers!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heard of  打小人? This is an old Taoist ritual to get rid of villains or back-stabbers in our lives!

I have only seen this done in movies produced locally like "881". I have not seen anyone doing this in real life nor have I done it myself.

Anyway, I Googled for more information and discovered "Singapore Taoism Forum"! I didn't know the Taoist community in Singapore had an online forum. Amazing and rather delightful too.

The steps to ridding ourselves of back-stabbers in our lives are listed in the forum as:

1. prepare a set of josspapers with a paper human figure, a tiger, a scholar, a horse and a red paper with many printed figures.

2. make all necessary requests infront of the Lord of Tiger (Hu Ye)

3. engage ritual masters/leaders to perform the beating of Xiao Ren (paper human figure), if a person knows the name or DOB, can always write them down on the human figure before the ritual starts

4. allow the master/leader to start the ritual by asking you certain questions (some don't ask)

5. ritual start, you will see the master/leader using a clog or slipper to beat hard onto the human figure and do certain chanting or sentences reciting (some can be very misleading and harsh, some can even used crude remarks like dying, handicapped, etc)

6. after the ritual, the master/leader will advise you to burn off the human figure (if still in good shape) with the pile of josspapers (including the tiger figure)

7. the scholar, horse and red paper must be retain and needed to be paste on the wall beside the Lord of Tiger altar, allowing the Lord of Tiger to give you the necessary blessing

8. after pasting the papers onto the wall, the ritual considers complete

9. come back to the temple next year for thanks-giving


So, what inspired me to find out about this ancient ritual? This:

Hey, stick the back-stabber's name and DOB on the head of the figurine and you are done. No need to have 9 steps lah.

On top of that, you would be stabbing him in the front and not the back. More honourable, don't you think so?

Wicked, isn't it? ;p


EY said...

Hi AK,

Aiyoh, people harbour such vindictive thoughts and still request for deities to bless them ar? Can meh? :P

Growing up in Chinatown, I'd seen numerous times such rituals were performed. I vaguely remember either my mum or my relatives staying in the same shophouse had done it before. I guess this was the way people coped with the unhappiness in their lives. Being uneducated, it was probably hard for them to think of proactive ways to improve their circumstances. On the positive note, if projecting their anger onto an inanimate object could help dissipate some of the negative emotions bottled up, it isn't an awfully bad thing. But to go as far as cursing and wishing for misfortune befalling onto somebody is pure evil. If what goes around comes around, then how? :P

Well, I hope the published content on that website is merely an artefact to record some cultural history and not an instructional text to teach people to commit psychological crimes!

I maintain the same old mantra - bless and be blessed, please. :)


seefei said...

Love this post. Must complement with one on inviting the nobleman.. 招贵人。哈哈

AK71 said...

Hi Endrene,

Hahaha... This blog post is more or less tongue in cheek. I think you can tell. ;p

When I saw that knife holder, I was so tickled and one thing led to another. Stabbing... Small red person... Strange how my mind works.

OK, shan't let my imagination run wild. It is just a creative piece of kitchenware. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi seefei,

Really? Is there such a thing? Guest blog post from you, OK? ;p

INVS 2.0 said...

Hi Ak71,

Too many small ppl in life waiting to be beaten. It means to oppress your colleagues by plotting them or bullying them in order to gain attention from the boss. Does it take to be small in order to climb the corporate ladder faster? This world seems to be working in this way.

seefei said...

Hahaha you attended Joey Yap talk, didn't he talk about that? Stopped blogging for a long time already. But since you request för it, see what I can do. Don't know whether metaphysic and investment are good bedfellow but just for the fun of it, will give it a thought.

AK71 said...

Hi INVS 2.0,

Well, I believe in the Chinese saying:

害人之心不可有, 防人之心不可無.

Please read this blog post with a healthy sense of humour. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi seefei,

Oh, yes, indeed. Thanks for reminding me. I did sit through Joey Yap's section of the Value Investing Summit earlier in the year. Quite interesting. :)

If we believe in the metaphysics and how it affects our financial health, then, perhaps, there is a connection between metaphysics and investments too. ;p

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