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LMIR: DPU improved 20%.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I am pleasantly surprised to see LMIR's DPU improving some 20% from 0.74c to 0.89c, quarter on quarter. At the price of 55c a unit, annualised, we are looking at a DPU of 3.56c and a distribution yield of 6.47%.

There is also a new face at LMIR. The REIT has a new CEO, Mr. Alvin Cheng. After many quarters of mediocre performance, I hope that having a new CEO would see the REIT doing better.

As it was revealed that the higher DPU was due to contributions from 6 acquisitions completed in 4Q 2012, any further increase in DPU, barring further acquisitions, will have to come from AEIs, improving occupancy and rental reversions. Efforts under the former CEO had been rather weak in these areas which led me to conclude LMIR was not run as well as it could have been.

I look forward to more good news with a new CEO at the helm of the REIT.

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Andy said...

Any comment on the upcoming IPO of Croesus?

It is a retail mall business trust.,croesus-retail-trust-draws-strong-demand-for-ipo.aspx

AK71 said...

Hi Andy,

I blogged about Croesus sometime last year:

Croesus Retail Trust

Of course, the economic landscape in Japan is now more promising with Mr. Abe's bold initiatives.

If the Japanese government is able to bring about more robust growth in the country, this could be a promising investment. :)

Jay said...

ahh, maybe i did sell to early after all... I had all but given up on these guys, although I do like the "Indo consumer" story...

AK71 said...

Hi Jay,

With a new CEO, I am willing to give this another chance. :)

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