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McDonald's Singing Bone Hello Kitty (aka Black Kitty).

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

People have gone crazy (once again) over the Hello Kitty plush toys sold at McDonald's.

This is something which I don't understand and probably never will.

You know what is even more difficult to understand? People paying $50 for a "collectible" Hello Kitty plush toy in the "black" market!

Collect them all?

Well, apparently, there is a black color Hello Kitty which is supposedly a limited edition. To me, it looks like Hello Kitty went for an x-ray and got a really bad overdose of radiation!

Anyway, whatever's your poison, right?

Pssst... Ever wondered where these toys were made in, who made them, how much they were paid and what were their working conditions? I wonder.


coconut said...

when everybody wants it, they are priceless, when nobody wants it, it worthless, correct sifu? (haha)

that is also how financial market works.

correct? (better ask for approval haha)

AK71 said...

Hi coconut,

Words of wisdom! Indeed so!

Ask for approval? Ask who? What approval? I blur. O_o

Matthew said...

Made is China... China's McDonald's came up with 4 of the plushies last year. the McDelivery was available in HK last year as well.. Only the singing bone is ltd ed. I think the other pushies were leftovers from McDonald's China and HK.

Tien Song Chuan said...

You remember the tulip? This is market behaviour. Nobody really cares what is the doll or tulip made of (that is fundamental analysis, who cares).

Better still if you are the only one who can legally sell it, you are winner.

AK71 said...

Hi Matthew,

McDonalds found a better thing to sell. Cannot sell leftover food but can sell leftover Hello Kitty plush toys! ;p

Matthew said...

Hi AK,

They dun wanna waste every cent in producing the kitties. Great financial sense for McDonald's

AK71 said...

Hi Tien,

Is there something about black color?

Yes, people who think that Mr. Market is rational are sadly misguided.

yeh said...

My hubby just went out to q hello kitty.
That kitty of course not for me, but for his niece.

I think my hubby a bit siao now. Haha.

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

My sister just told me that someone we know woke up at 5am to go buy this Black Kitty. The world is going crazy!

A quick search online shows that people are offering their limited edition Hello Kitty for sale! $40 to $50!

Maybe, I am the crazy one for not joining the queue!

applecheers said...

look at the prices the buyers are willing to bid.

AK71 said...

Hi applecheers,

Pure madness! Hahaha... ;p

Musicwhiz said...

The ROI is probably not worth it if you have to spend time and effort to queue for the kitty. Even if you may be getting a 1,000% return (how much does it cost anyway?), you sacrifice time and that can never be bought back.

For me, I'd rather curl up with a good (investment) book or Annual Report.

AK71 said...

Hi MW,

If people cannot see any better use of their time, then, this might just make sense to them. Always a matter of perspective, isn't it? ;)

My sister told me her friend has collected all the Hello Kitty plush toys, all 6. Now, he is trying to sell the complete set for $700!

AK71 said...

A check with eBay showed that sellers were auctioning their Singing Bone dolls from $5 to $126,000 - yes, you read right! - and the complete set of the Hello Kitty Fairy Tale collectibles which consists of six dolls, was going at $3,888.

A Hello Kitty plush toy sells for $4.60 with a McDonald's meal, and $10 without.

The fast food chain said it does not condone such black market reselling and has urged the public to stop profiteering from the plush toys.


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