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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I have just sent a very stern email to the organiser. I will strongly suggest that readers do not buy tickets to the event at any price. Tell everyone you know about this. I am very upset now and I have not been so upset in a LONG time.  (11.30PM, 31 July 2013)

Read this: I will not attend the seminar.
Just last evening, I blogged about a seminar by Robert G. Allen which is happening on 19 August 2013. This afternoon, I updated the blog post asking readers not to buy the tickets from my blog yet, pending an announcement. At that point in time, 3 tickets were already sold.

I just got home a while ago and checked. The tally is now 6 tickets sold despite my afternoon update.

Anyway, if you have bought your tickets and are feeling worried, wondering why did I update the blog the way I did this afternoon, don't worry.

The reason for the afternoon update was because I received reliable information that the tickets are being sold in another blog for only S$57.00 without having to apply any discount code. So, I sought clarification from the organiser and was also trying hard to negotiate for a higher discount for readers of ASSI. I was pushing for a 15% discount instead of the original 10%.

Although several emails were exchanged, unfortunately, I have not received any agreement from the organiser regarding the proposed 15% discount.

I feel bad about the whole thing because I was under the impression that S$64.00 is the official price and readers of ASSI will get a special price by applying the discount code I was given. The special price has turned out to be a non-event.

I want to apologise to readers who, given the same impression, have bought tickets from my blog and I want to let other readers who might be thinking of buying the tickets from my blog to have full knowledge before making their decision.

If you have bought tickets to the seminar from my blog, please send me your first name and address by email and I will send you a little token of appreciation by snail mail.

Thank you all for believing in AK71. This, I value more than anything else.

Please note that this blog post is not a statement about the seminar. Its core purpose is to provide disclosure of my discovery and what I tried to negotiate with the organiser for my readers.

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LKH said...

chk out

AK71 said...

A reader just told me that the forum at is selling the tickets to early birds at $30.00 each!

$57.00 will get 3 tickets!

I am terribly upset now and I have just sent an email to the organiser of the event. The whole thing has just gotten worse.

INVS 2.0 said...

This is how unethical some businesses can be. Businesses like "get rich" and "tips to get As for your exams" are usually hijacking on the kiasuism of parents and students and chop them high prices.

wirbelwind said...

Hi AK,

Hope you dont take this too hard. When you promote events such as these you are putting your reputation at stake and things sometime just happen.

I am sure that this will be a lesson learnt by everyone :) Cheer up!

AK71 said...

Hi INVS 2.0 and wirbelwind,

I have given them an ultimatum. I will publish all the email correspondence in my blog if they do not agree to offer a FULL REFUND to my readers who have bought the tickets using the "discount code".

They can either capitulate and this will end quietly or they can watch how it can go a few notches higher. I am absolutely furious!

Kelvin said...

Hi AK71,

Chill Chill. Its not good for your health getting so angry over this. Just try to work things out and see where it brings it. Cheer up man!

Don_Jerome said...


relax ok? I believe that your long time readers know who you are and what you try to do. You have taught many people many useful things, and sometimes when we try to do what is good and right ASAP, we make mistakes such as this. It's human to error, forgive yourself and move on. More so when you are actually a victim yourself.

I believe that there are many readers like myself who will still believe in what you do.

best regards

This too will pass.

the writer said...

I think groupon is now selling this deal too! $16.90 for 3 Day Wealth Summit Seminar with Speaker Robert G. Allen and More at Resorts World Sentosa (Worth $98)

Anonymous said...


Chill, it happens, dun be too hard on yourself, I have been conned by vendors and suppliers too, and felt that i let down my department.
So I understand how you feel, but there is nothing much you can do about the organiser.

coconut said...

AK are you mr. perfectionist? if so, learn to be not so perfect, good for your health and i believe wealth too.

coconut said...

if the demand is high, the price will go up, now it came down instead, so your guess is as good as mine.

mighty_matt said...

The groupon link FYI:

AK, do delete it if you think it's more appropriate to.

AK, organizers like these are the reasons why I don't really attend any financial talks. I have no trust in them totally.

They are also the reason why your blog has been a real treasure to me, and to most of course, as you are genuinely trying to educate, not forcing influence or sell 'proven strategies'.

I hope you will get over this soon. Not worth raising your blood pressure over them, though I know you feel accountable to some extend.

You have my full support!

Vincent said...

If a guy makes a living by offering coaching session at thousands of dollars, what is he gonna tell you in a talk that charges you only $60, $30 or $20?

You will most probably going to be bombarded by his advertisement for his books (if any) or join his thousand dollars exclusive coaching club.

I am surprised why you get involved with all these shady talks. Your buyers will most probably better off saving those money and time than to listen to a glamorised advertisement.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I am glad you are MAD and UPSET.

This is the AK I know and respect.

I'll be disappointed if you had just shrugged it off nonchalantly as "willing buyer; willing seller".

There will be "hustlers" trying to tap into the halo effect of your reputation and blog.

Give this organiser HELL.

This will send a message to other organisers only approach you with sincere offers.

AK71 said...

Hi Kelvin,

I am boiling! Hard to chill. Ice cubes won't work. Maybe, an iceberg? Sigh...

AK71 said...

Hi Jeremy,

This too will pass, I know, but I just feel horrible right now.

This is actually worse than the time when I thought of not blogging anymore because that was just me. Now, possibly 6 of my readers suffered from this. :(

AK71 said...

Hi the writer,

I published another blog post on the matter this morning. There is possibly a hidden agenda. I wouldn't attend no matter what the price is.

AK71 said...

Hi coconut,

Nope, I am not a perfectionist at all. However, I live my life following some principles I do not waver from. Good faith is a big thing for me.

If people want to work with me, they better do it with good faith or else they will have to deal with the consequences!

AK71 said...

Hi mighty matt,

No need to delete the link. Let others see for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

Thank you for the encouraging words. Yes, I might not have full knowledge like the organisers have but 6 tickets were sold through my blog. That is the inescapable truth. :(

AK71 said...

Hi Vincent,

If I had suspected that the deal was shady, I would not have accepted the offer.

When I decided to promote "Value Investing Summit" earlier this year, I received quite a bit of negativity as well but it turned out to be a value for money event and readers who have attended would agree with me.

I am sorry that my blog post on this seminar by Robert G. Allen came across as a "glamorous advertisement" to you. My intention was never to put readers at any disadvantage. :(

AK71 said...


When I told a good friend about this last night, I was told "buyer beware". I disagreed.

There was no good faith and there was misrepresentation. It is not just a case of "buyer beware".

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Ah! It's a front to recruit MLM distributors!

That's low.

There are many MLM companies who openly invite people to their free previews.

This one takes the cake! Charge money to attend their recruitment drive?

AK71 said...


I am just making a guess that it is possibly one. If there is any evidence, it is circumstantial.

Well, they got Robert G. Allen in. Did they have to pay to fly him in? I wonder.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Robert Kiyosaki is another popular spokesman used MLM companies too.

That's nothing shameful or wrong in taking a 2nd job as another source of income to complement our main income.

Just don't understand why they can't be open about it.

Well, just make a wild guess whether Robert G. Allen is paid for his speaking engagement ;)

AK71 said...


When people hear MLM, they will quite likely give it a wide berth. I was tricked by a good friend to attend a MLM seminar once. I gave him a piece of my mind and stormed off. I still think of him as a friend but we haven't been in touch for a long time.

I just don't agree with the way MLM works. It is a personal thing.

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