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A meal with numerous benefits.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What did I have for lunch?

Add some soy bean milk:

Yummy, nutritious, filling and inexpensive too!

If you are wondering what might the health benefits be, here is a list:

May Boost Nutrition Profile of Gluten-free Diets

... adding oats to a gluten-free diet may enhance the nutritional values of the diets, particularly for vitamins and minerals, as well as increasing antioxidant levels.

Increase Appetite-Control Hormones

... researchers studied 14 people who ate a control meal and 3 different cereals with different levels of oat beta glucan. They then collected blood samples for 4 hours after each meal, and found a significant dose response between higher levels of oat beta glucan and higher levels of Peptide Y-Y, a hormone associated with appetite control.

 Improve Immune System Defenses

... researchers ...  found that, in addition to reducing cholesterol and blunting glycemic and insulin response,  beta glucans boost defenses of the immune system agains bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

May Help Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

...  patients were introduced to a diabetes-appropriate diet containing oatmeal during a short hospital stay, then examined again 4 weeks later. On average, patients achieved a 40% reduction in insulin dosage – and maintained the reduction even after 4 weeks on their own at home.

Lower Bad Cholesterol

Researchers ... randomly assigned 36 overweight middle-aged men to eat either an oat or wheat cereal daily for 12 weeks... the men eating the oat cereal had lower concentrations of small, dense LDL cholesterol (thought to be particularly dangerous) and lower LDL overall, compared to those in the wheat group...

Help Control Blood Pressure

The oat group enjoyed a 7.5mm Hg reduction in systolic blood pressure and a 5.5 mm Hg reduction in diastolic blood pressure, while the wheat group was unchanged.

Read article: here.

Want to give it a try? How to cook oatmeal?

See AK71 the cook in action:
A healthy, low cost meal.


Money Honey said...

Consider adding raisins for the extra nutrient and benefits.

AK71 said...

Hi Money Honey,

Oooh, I like raisins. Apricots too. Yum yum. :D

EY said...

Hi AK,

I eat oatmeal when I want to lose weight. No milk, no sugar. Gooey and bland. That's what I'm gonna have for breakfast tomorrow. :P

Salute you for taking this for lunch. Wonder if you do 'enjoy' your meal or it's merely eating to live?

AK71 said...

Hi Endrene,

It might surprise some but I actually enjoy having oatmeal. I also enjoy having plain porridge or bee hoon. Imagine that. ;)

Well, before coming to the conclusion that I have simple tastes, remember that I also enjoy ice cream and chocolates. ;p

yeh said...

hi ak,
this is very healthy meal!!
yummy yummy...

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

I also say. Nice combination of yummy and healthy. :D

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