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Do you own properties in Little India?

Monday, December 9, 2013

A friend who stays in the vicinity of Little India told me that he would try to get home early every weekend because later in the evenings his neighbourhood would transform and it would not feel like Singapore anymore.

People would congregate in groups of more than 5 in the common areas (although technically these would be unlawful gatherings), drink beer, share food, talk loudly, sing, dance and pee on the walls. It is quite scary.

In the mornings, he would witness the aftermath (the sight and the smell) of such night time activities. Awful.

With the disastrous incident that took place last night, I hope that the authorities will really step up policing Little India and break up large gatherings. They should issue summons for the herds that dash across roads with no consideration of safety too. I know this because I drove there before and, trust me, it is very stressful for drivers.

I have avoided driving in Little India for a long time.

Perhaps, officers from the National Environmental Agency should also police the area and apprehend people who litter and pee in public. Whatever happened to CWOs?

For people who own real estate in District 8, such undesirables might affect the value of their investments. For people who stay there, it could be quite stressful. The riot last night would probably cast a pall on the entire area for some time to come.

Little India is a part of Singapore and it should be like Singapore and not some other country.

I am all for having migrants in Singapore, accepting that our population and domestic economy are too small. However, foreigners must respect the rule of law or be dealt with sternly.

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EY said...

Hi AK,

Your post really speaks to me.

Sigh, I share the same sentiments too. Thought the area is going through gentrification and there is much potential with the medical hub coming up. That's why I took the risk. Anyway, it was also the 'missed the boat' mindset that brought me back to D8, after selling City Square and realising I had slaughtered my goose that lay golden eggs.

On half day today to meet a new property agent. Still trying to get my unit tenanted. With the happenings last night, the winter may last longer. I hope my unit will be out of the statistics of the 6.2% vacancy really soon.

AK71 said...

Hi Endrene,

I think Little India is not going to change and, if anything, it is getting more crowded. After this incident, there is no doubt more policing is needed.

When I drive to D12 from town, I usually go via Lavender and turn into Boon Keng, bypassing Little India altogether. On the occasions when I drove through Little India, I was so high strung, I could hardly breathe. It was stressful.

I am almost sure the driver who knocked down the 33 year old Indian man in this incident was partially at fault. However, I am also almost sure the deceased could have contributed to the accident. -.-"

Now, potential tenants could give D8 a wide berth. So, you are right about a possibly longer winter. Potential renters who do not mind could use this opportunity to slash their offer prices. :(

Vacancy rate for private residential properties is creeping up and is likely to get worse. So, landlords who are more realistic will get tenants first. This is a reminder for myself too. :(

AK71 said...

... only hours after the PAP was wrapping up a one-day annual political convention at which its leaders launched a “new resolution outlining its goals and aspirations for Singapore”.

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s prime minister – and PAP leader – told delegates: “We must always keep Singapore a home where all races can live in peace and harmony.”

The city-state, which has long prided itself in maintaining harmony between its majority Chinese and minority Malay, Indian and Tamil populations, has a population of 5.3m. More than 1m of that is a community of mostly Indian, Bangladeshi and mainland Chinese foreign workers.

The incident occurred in the Little India district, home to a majority of Indians and Bangladeshis, after a bus driver accidentally ran over a man, police and witnesses said.

An angry crowd of about 400 – many of them foreign workers, local media reported – swarmed the bus, chasing the driver, a Singaporean, and setting alight to police vehicles. Police said five of its vehicles and one ambulance were damaged.


veronika said...

Yet if the selling price of any property there is low enough, you will get a tsunami of buyers!

Buy when there is blood on the streets said Baron Rothschild.

AK71 said...

Hi veronica,

Of course, all investments are good investments at the right prices! ;)

AK71 said...

Jamal, owner of a provision shop on Chander Road, describes how crowded Serangoon Road can get on a weekend.

"We take taxi, we choose this place, say, ok go to Tekka. The taxi cannot come. It's crowded, people walking like that, all over."

938LIVE was told traffic accidents are common here.

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