They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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The TOP blog post of all time in ASSI!

Friday, January 10, 2014

One might think that the blog post which has received the most number of pageviews in ASSI has to do with personal finance or investment. It stands to reason, doesn't it? So, which blog post is it?

Since many people like step by step instructions, could "7 steps to passive income from the stock market" be the top blog post?

Or perhaps it is one of the blog posts on my full year income from S-REITs since they usually generate many comments and well wishes from readers.

Intuitively, we know that people are drawn to reading scandals and tragedies. People seem to have a morbid fascination with other people's misfortune. So, maybe my blog posts on China Minzhong's scuffle with a short seller made it to the top.

Well, I suppose the list could go on.

The results?

Click to enlarge.

Startling. Beaten by a stuffed toy.

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la papillion said...

Dear AK,

Cats rule LOL

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

It would seem so and in more ways than one too! -.-"

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Ar ber then?

It sort of put those bloggers with grandiose visions, lofty mission statements, and world peace ambitions in their place ;)

Eh... Beat the cat first!


AK71 said...


So, all the beauty queens how? They cannot say they want "world peace" anymore. They have to say they want "Hello Kitty"! ;p

Gary said...

Hi AK71

Is Marco Polo Marine going to activate the buy share back scheme? I saw their release of news on their website. They just released their annual report to shareholders.

AK71 said...

Hi Gary,

I believe that they have that option and it would make sense to exercise it, conditions permitting, since its stock is undervalued.

Whether they have started the buy back or not, I am not sure.

Gary said...

Hi AK71

I think so. This is because in their AGM, they are asking shareholders to vote for or against the buy-back.

AK71 said...

Hi Gary,

On 27 Jan, shareholders will decide whether or not to give the management the power to do share buy backs.

However, we have to remember that even if approval should be given, it does not mean that a buy back will take place. :)

EY said...

Hi AK,

It seems that people dig non-sensible stuff! Haha.

On that note, thought I would share something funny that I came across:

1. Onion Salary - You grab it, you open it and you cry.

2. Storm Salary - You don't know where it is coming/going.

3. Menstrual Salary - It comes once a month & lasts only three days.

4. Magic Salary - You touch it and it disappears.

AK71 said...

Hi Endrene,

Thanks for sharing. I had a good laugh. :D

Well, once in a while we need to watch something mindless and funny. Too much stress in real life. This is why Stephen Chow was such a success! ;p

E H said...

The upside of this blog is its good mix of serious and not-so-serious stuff. I tend to believe that observations of trends, such as the Hello Kitty fad, could give alternative insights to investment decisions.

AK71 said...

Hi E H,

Hey, thanks for the encouraging comment. :)

Yes, if we could look at all things through the eyes of an investor, we could possibly gain some useful ideas.

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