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Save money by having restaurant quality ramen at home!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This blog post is dedicated to a kindred spirit, SMOL.

I love eating Japanese style ramen. A bowl with hot soup is to die for.

However, it is not cheap to have a bowl of Japanese style ramen in Singapore and I am sure a huge portion of what we pay goes to rents and salaries. This is especially obvious when I found that I could have 4 bowls of restaurant quality ramen for only $3.85. Yes, not 1 but 4 bowls!

They come in packs of 4. There are 2 flavours. I prefer this one.

Recently, I bought more because there was a special offer in NTUC Fairprice. $3.35 per pack of 4.

Here is AK in action:

I tried this flavour for dinner recently.

Cook for 4 minutes, stirring often. Then, turn off the fire and add seasoning. Mix well.

Restaurant quality ramen at less than $1 a bowl. Really, really good!

If you are thinking of going out for a bowl of good quality ramen at Ajisen Ramen, for example, think again.

Think of how much money you could save by cooking at home. The taste of this instant ramen is really authentic and the money you save is very real too.

If you like ramen but have always hated instant noodles, this will change your mind. I am sure.

Oishi and in more ways than one too!

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hydrogenperoxide said...

For ajisen quality yes. But not for few others. Haha

Shriek said...


Home cooked food is even better than ready to eat....

qinzheng said...

Hi AK,

FYI, ajisen also sell take home pack that you can cook yourself, quite affordable but of coz not as cheap as the one you have here... :p

shaowei said...

ak ,
sheng siong sell 5pkts for $3.85, <5pkts>

AK71 said...

Hi pero, Shriek, Qinzheng,

This instant ramen by Nissin tastes even better than the one by Ajisen! Haha... However, taste is a very subjective thing. :)

AK71 said...

Hi shaowei,

You are right! It is 5 in a pack, not 4! I got mixed up with Prima's Laksa Ramen. That one is 4 to a pack!

I am so happy now that I gained another bowl of ramen! Thanks for the nudge! ;p

veronika said...

You could try DIY recipe:

Pork bones ($2)
Miso paste ($5 for 500gms)
Mirin ($6 for 750ml )
Water ($?)
Nissin instant noodles ( any type)

Slow boil pork bones in about 700ml water
for about 2 hours.. skim off foam & discard.

In a small pot, pour a table spoon of cooking oil, add 2 table spoons of miso paste, stir and slowly add pork stock. Bring to boil... adjust for taste.. add salt ( or Japanese bonito fish soya sauce), add sesame oil and mirin ( Japanese sweet rice wine ).

Chop spring onions. Pour over instant noodles that has been cooked al dente.
sprinkle spring onions on top. Add dash of sesame oil to bring up the aroma, ( sesame seeds if you like too )

The important ingredient is mirin, miso paste and pork bone stock.

The rest is up to you: char siu/boiled egg/ fish cake/ bamboo shoots/kim chi/pork ribs/.
You could use fresh egg noodles from the wet market, but they will not remain firm. Just go for the instant noodles.. less the soup powder etc.

Over time, you will adjust the portions, type of miso and you will find a combination that is closer to your heart... ahem.. your taste.

AK71 said...

Hi Veronika,

OMG! This sounds mouth watering! I am going to cut and paste and send this to my sister! Yup, it is too much work for me. -.-"

Thank you so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it. :D

veronika said...

You are welcome AK..

If you visit Osaka again, go to Umeda station, Hankyu railway section. In the basement there are eateries and there is one ramen shop that is small, wooded decor and "free help yourself" kim chi and bamboo shoots.

Its out of this world! its the best so far.. not salty, lots of body, noodles al dente and all this for 680Yen.

I have the receipt.. but unable to transcribe the name from Japanese... but the Tel: 06-6361-9056 may help.

Perhaps your contacts there can ring them and verify the exact location.

I tried so many, from Chabuton to some famous names... but this non descript small shop beats them all. All by chance... something like my investments.. hmmmm only the brave?

AK71 said...

Hi Veronika,

LOL. Like some of our investments. I like that. :D

I am familiar with the Umeda area. On 2 of our trips, we stayed in Hotel New Hankyu. I will make a mental note to track down this ramen paradise that so impressed you! Arigato gozaimasu. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


The Sith in me smiles for we are not alone ;)

The Jedi in me commands me to provide this health warning:

Instant noodles only provide empty calories. 1 pack is equivalent to 2 bowls of rice in calories. Those looking for weight loss don't do this at home.

Excuse me, I have a battle to resolve in my mind right now...

AK71 said...

My dear SMOL,

Do not fear the instant ramen. Listen to Master Yoda:

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

Embrace instant ramen.

"... It is what gives a Jedi his power. It is the energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us. It binds the universe together."

Er... Maybe, Master Yoda was referring to the Force. ;p

ivan said...

Hi AK,

I hope you do not eat too much of these. One reason real ramen is delicious i suspect is because of the freshness of and natural ingredients. If you examine the manufacturing of instant noodles, you may realize it's really refined, artificial stuff are used with lots of preservatives, designed for taste, storability and ease of cooking - all "value traps".

Better go for real assets :)

Kind Regards,

AK71 said...

Hi Ivan,

I don't know about the other types of instant noodles but I visited Nissin's instant ramen museum and also tried my hands at making my own instant ramen. I have confidence in Nissin! :)

AK Cup Ramen


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

If Master Yoda says OK, it must be so!

Battle resolved.

The Light has won.

I am now known as the Maggi Mee Jedi.

Slurp! Sedap!

Another packet please!

E H said...

The last I heard instant noodles hastened hair loss. Your follicles still hanging on? :P

qinzheng said...

Hi AK,

I never find ajisen is nice, pretty average... Anyway instant noddles may taste better, but pretty much as due to MSG, good to eat once in awhile... Freshly made ramen is still the best.. ;)

Money can't buy health, so I guess I rather spend abit more on quality food..

AK71 said...


So, we witness the birth of a new Jedi Master. All hail Master SMOL! ;p

AK71 said...

Hi E H,

Oh, I have a full head of hair and I always have to tell the barber to thin it down. Too much! -.-"

AK71 said...

Hi Qinzheng,

Actually, I can count the number of times I have been to Ajisen Ramen with one hand. Seriously, less than 5 times. I don't think the ramen is fantastic either but I just used them as an example in this blog post. ;p

I rather go to the food courts and eat ban mian. ;)

la papillion said...

Hi AK,

Ah, there's a difference between dining and feeding. If feeding, anything will be good. If dining, then the ambience needs to be considered because it's not just putting food into your mouth.

I'll dine at restaurants with others but feed on economic rice at home by myself.

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

Wah! I learn something today!

OK, I hardly dine. I mostly feed. :(

hydrogenperoxide said...

LOL, I don't know, I bought Nissin ramen and until now I haven't finished it, just feel that it has a bit of fishy after taste that I don't really like...
Anyway, now I think I really like to trouble myself.. cook instant noodle I would also add eggs, veggie, meat myself.. hahaha...

AK71 said...

Hi pero,

You are a closet gourmet chef but I am sure you already know that. ;)

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