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A quick and economical lunch. Healthier?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What did I have for breakfast? Did you guess oatmeal? You are right!

What did I have for lunch? Did you guess instant noodles? You are right, again!

OK, before anyone starts scolding me, I love instant noodles but I have been cutting down. The last time I had this was in June. Not too bad lah.

It is the same brand of instant noodles. It is the type that comes in a bowl and all I have to do is to add hot water after pouring in the seasoning and dried vegetables that come with it.

The last few times I had this, I added only half a packet of seasoning. This time, I decided not to add any at all.

I know that the packet of seasoning is just lots of MSG and I know it is bad for me. Actually, I have become less tolerant of MSG as I grow older. I really should watch it.

Anyway, I also felt like having noodles without the soup. So, I poured in 50% less hot water than usual. The end result? Not bad.

Price? $1.10.

Warm, moist, springy and still tastes quite good without any seasoning. Well, the noodles are naturally fragrant and the vegetables had some flavour.

OK, maybe, it's more acceptable to older people.
Seriously, I have found that in recent years, I like rather bland food.

So, don't take my word for it but you might want to try it. If it is too bland for you, you could always add the seasoning later.

What? You threw the packet of seasoning away already? Oops.

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Jared Low said...

LOL. I always like to comment about MSG. MSG by nature is not unhealthy.

Not only it has a lower salt content than the table salt and soy sauce, it greatly enhances the meat flavours giving you a more wholesome mouth feel, with lesser sodium content. A win-win for you.

You know you have added too much when you start feeling thirsty. This is commonly know as Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.

So try replacing some salt and soy sauce with MSG.

Better taste, Healthier Choice!

AK71 said...

Hi Jared,

It is bad for me because I am asthmatic. I used to be able to take it quite well but my tolerance has been declining lately. :(

But, hey, thanks for sharing the trivia on MSG. I didn't know. Appreciate it. :)

Stoical Keynes said...

Hi AK,

I always enjoy these posts of yours.

Shows that "millionaire next doors" also exist in Singapore and are very real.

"Big hat, no cattle?" Nah.

Anyway, I also think cup noodles are fine as long as it's not more frequent than once a month. =)

My 15 HWW

Philip said...

Uncle AK, its not really the packet of seasoning (msg) that's threatening to health but the cake of noodles. Its actually deep fried, hence there's nothing but just carbs & fats in there with no micro-nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals). If possible:

1)Opt for the air-dried type of noodles.

2) If eating this at home, flash boil some green leafy veggies & crack an egg into the soup. This will provide alot more fiber and vitamins.

AK71 said...

Hi 15HWW,

Actually, there are many grades of instant noodles too. Those made by Nissin are more trustworthy. Myojo belongs to Nissin. Should be the same grade.

I realised that many things that people told me about instant noodles are untrue after a visit to the Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka. ;p

I blogged about it too:
AK Cup Ramen.

Yes, everything in moderation. once a month is OK. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Philip,

Aiyoh, simi Uncle? OK, I have gone deaf and blind. ;p

Yes, instant noodles are not very nutritious. I think I am fated to like food like this. -.-"

I had this at work. At home, I have better stuff to eat (and also lots of other junk food).

I try to avoid eggs now because of cholesterol and they also give me a lot of gas, the smelly type too.

Don't worry. I do take supplements daily to ensure I don't suffer from deficiency: My diet and dietary supplements.

Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it. :)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Uncle AK?

Snigger, snigger.

Need to ban you from writing about instant noodles.

On the surface maciam our member, but you making us instant noodles fans mad!!!

Where got instant noodle kosong one!?

The best thing about instant noodle is the SOUP!

Cindy Siow said...

Hi AK,
I find it sometimes hard to believe that there are people who really love instant noodles. No offence but I think eating instant noodles really reminds me of all-nighters we had as students, where the only late night snack was instant noodles.

AK71 said...


Hey, I like to think of myself as a trend setter. ;p

Instant noodles kosong? AK boleh!

Oppa AK style!

AK71 said...

Hi Cindy,

Instant noodles were an important part of my childhood and teens. I think I would have starved without them. So, I must never forget them.

When I eat instant noodles, I remember my past. It is a bit like 饮水思源, maybe? ;p

Philip said...

Actually Im quite siao about instant noodles also. Once a new brand / flavor hits the market, its a must try for me. The humongous consumption can be reflected by my hair (or the lack of it).

Instant noodles these days need not be cheap though; the "atas" prima ones cost about $9+ for a pack for 4 !!!

AK71 said...

Hi Philip,

Oh, I know which ones you are referring too and $9+ is only when there is a special offer. Otherwise, it is $10+.

I like the atas instant ramen from Nissin too:
Save money by having restaurant quality ramen at home.

Much cheaper and oishi!

Rebel said...

Swim instead of run Mr AK?

AK71 said...

Hi Rebel,

Oh, I am sure that swimming is a good exercise. I will try to do more of it in future. ;)

Singapore Zoro said...

Yep, I like instant noodles since young. Been taking them for lunch on alternate days for many many years. Don't worry about the msg stuff. I'm still ok after 4 decades.

AK71 said...

Hi Zoro,

Just when I was thinking of retiring my instant noodles cooking pot for good too. Kamsiah!

I shall now consume instant noodles with confidence. :D

Singapore Zoro said...

You're welcome AK. I'm still eating them now regularly and been encouraging my son to do so too. Fortunately, he do like them too.

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