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How to be better investors?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I had a conversation with a fellow blogger whom I have grown to respect earlier today and he said that I might want to remind readers of the fact that I am not infallible. Although I think that I have continually mentioned this in my blog, it doesn't hurt to say it again.

As I don't have much time to blog this weekend, sharing my conversation with him is a good way to generate a blog post which I believe is useful rather quickly.

Yes, I know, sneaky AK!

How to be better investors? Know that we are not infallible.

Read the blogs mentioned in the conversation:
1. Managing exposure in AK's investment portfolio.
2. How to size our more speculative positions?
3. How to make recovering from losses easier?
4. Excuse me, are you an investor?


Roy Thian said...

Hey Ak,
Actually, i feel people with good intentions or good mind will know nobody is god. Nobody can predict how the market moves. If can, definitely is arranged moves or insider news.

But i do agree that its good to remind your readers. But you can never do enough. Different strokes for different folks.

ozxinvest said...

No worries AK, WB had his fair share of grumbles when he underperformed the market before the tech bubble burst.

Maybe Mr N meant that by disclosing your realised losses ( which I don't think you have any thus far except for MPM? ) will make your readers feel better and be more realistic? Whether it is a mistake or a success is rather subjective especially if you are a short term player.

The fact is, more may be riding on AK's coattails rather than listening to AK's motivation in buying the stock and understanding their own needs and capabilities in investing.

We could be wrong, we could be right. We should take responsibility upon our own decision and not because AK's blogging about it and then blame it on him when things don't turn out swee swee! Back Horse Canon?

You bought CMZ, Yongnam, MPM, SCI and SCM because AK bought it?! Kai si mi wan siao.

Rebel said...

And . . . People need to learn to be exceedingly patient. There is no overnight get rich scheme.

AK71 said...

Hi Roy,

I am definitely only human with all the weaknesses that come with being human. :(

I try to do what is right all the time. I can only hope that it is enough although you are probably right that it can never be enough. -.-"

AK71 said...

Hi ozxinvest,

I try to be as transparent as possible without getting to a level that makes me uncomfortable.

I have said that I suffered 6 figures losses before in the past, without revealing details. If it is to show how fallible I am, then, knowing that I suffered huge losses before should be enough. -.-"

However, I think it is more important to share what I have picked up and done over the years, learning from my mistakes, than sharing my mistakes which I have done as well.

I am not a very organised blogger. I know. I am terrible. I am a hobbyist blogger and I go where the wind brings me.

So, it is a bit difficult to find all my blog posts that talked about my losses or the blog posts which shared my thoughts on how to avoid falling into holes. This reminder blog posts has links to more recent blog posts and I hope they are helpful. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Rebel,

It does not help that patience is usually in short supply too. :(

However, it is something that we have more of as we grow older, I am glad to say. :)

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