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Grow some plants that bring wealth and good luck?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It has been quite a while since I had my own outdoor space at home. Today, I went to a plant nursery to get myself a few potted plants to start populating my new pad. Here are two of them:

They look quite cheery, don't you think?

I chose these plants because they don't need much care. Perfect for me. However, they do need to be in a bright and preferably shaded location or so I was told. Perfect for the outdoor space I have at home since it doesn't get any direct sunlight.

The one in the blue pot is a Dracaena Fragrans while the one in the black pot is a Pachira. The one in the blue pot is also known as an Iron Tree in Asia. When an Iron Tree flowers, it will bring good luck to the owner. So, I hope it flowers.

I kept an Aloe Vera plant that grew to be a giant before and it flowered multiple times. If you are new to my blog, see the related post at the end of this blog post to look at the photos I took of the Aloe Vera plant before.

The Dracaena Fragrans is also an organic air purifier. Apparently, it removes pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. I am not a chemist. So, don't ask me for details but they sound like nasty stuff. Source: NASA Clean Air Studies.

The Pachira plant is believed to bring wealth and is also known as the Money Tree. It also cleans the air of smoke. Anyone here living or working with smokers? Go get a Pachira plant.

I just found out that it could grow to be 15 feet tall although the size of its pot could limit its growth. Oh, dear. I could be in trouble if mine grows much bigger. I better be mentally prepared. Source: Care for Pachira plants.

Now, I have another thing to do on Sundays apart from the laundry.
UPDATE: 19 FEB 2017
My Money Tree today:

Compare to the photo at the top of the blog and you will see how much it has grown in just 2 years.
Also read: Know our goals, have the right conditions and patience.

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AK's Aloe Vera plant flowered?


jfree said...

First to comment!

Hello ASSI,

I always wanted a small balcony for myself to grow these fancy plants in the future when i have my own house.

Sometimes people need to relax and look at green thing to reduce stress..


AK71 said...

Hi jfree,

The color green is very soothing to the eyes. When I had to choose a color scheme for my blog, this was the reason why I chose green. :)

Your wish will come true one day, I am sure. Gambatte! :D

Unknown said...

A thought popped in while reading the above comments - green is also every long term investor's fav color when looking at our portfolio!

AK71 said...

Hi Pansy,

You are right! For sure, green is a more soothing color than red. Just ask the bulls. Er... I mean the bulls taunted by the Spanish matadors. LOL. ;p

Recruit Ong said...

Your new condo TOP liao ah?

AK71 said...

Hi Ong,

Yes, I have moved into my new hut in the sky recently. :)

Recruit Ong said...

Wah which one? how big? Take some pictures show show leh...

HappyInvestor said...

Hi AK,

My paternal granny had green thumbs, so as a child I remember enjoying the fruits of her labor from our garden - pomemgranate, guava, chiku etc. She will place aloe leave over an open fire before cutting open and using the paste on my cuts and bruises (thats way before ready made aloe gel was easily available in shops) She was such a cool granny :) unfortunately she passed on when I was a teenager, and I never inherited her green fingers alas lol !

Anyway here's wishing you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2015 :) !!! And all the best to moving into your new place ya...


AK71 said...

Hi Ong,

Nah, I won't say which one. It is a small development with small shoebox apartments. Enough room for one person. ;p

Next time, if I move out, I will share some photos here like I did for my old place. Not now. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

My thumbs are green at times but most of the time they are some other colors. -.-"

I kind of remember that you sold your old place and downgraded too, right? Still on the lookout for a new place?

Thanks for the well wishes. Merry Christmas and big huat in the new year to you too! :D

Recruit Ong said...

Shoe box is how big? 60 sq meter? Got two bedrooms?

AK71 said...

"Shoebox apartments are typically defined as non-landed residential units, which have floor areas of 500sq ft or below."

Stricter regulations for shoebox apartments.

HappyInvestor said...

Hi AK your memory is uncanny!!

Yes sold off private quite sometime ago, holding onto hdb but i emailed u re EC recently as i had applied for one :). I got allocated one in the ulu west haha .. but not bad lah. I feel the price for private condos is still too high now ... so EC was the next best thing altho i will have to give up my current hdb which is rented out so there goes my cash cow.

But I'm happy with my decision. So new year resolution is learn more from AK blog and replace my rental income with stock dividends instead hehe only hope i can be half as successful as you lol 😰😰😰


AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

My memory is actually failing. It is not as good as before. This is one of those times it works. ;p

An EC is as good as private 99 years leasehold condo 10 years after TOP. So, I think you made a good choice. $800 psf compared to $1,200 psf for 99 years leasehold condos in OCR? I would go for the former but I don't qualify for EC. Too bad for me. :(

I am happy to share what little I know and I am also looking to generate some rental income and not depend solely on stock dividends for passive income. I have to be honest and say that I have been mostly lucky in my efforts so far. ;p

Rebel said...

Any problems with cockroaches and lizards in the new house?

AK71 said...

Hi Rebel,

Nope. Thinking of growing some Pandan? My mom used to plant one at home. I actually like the scent very much. However, the plant died after some time because a colony of ants moved in and made their nest around its roots. :(

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