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Angry with foreign talents or with Singaporeans? Why?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recently, there has been quite a bit of news regarding a male foreigner working as a nurse in one of our hospitals making some insensitive remarks about Singaporeans and praying for Singapore to suffer disasters. As a Singaporean, of course, I felt very unhappy about it.

However, when I thought that this misguided soul could represent a minority of foreign workers in Singapore, I calmed down. Surely, most foreign workers do not think like him, I told myself.

Maybe, only male FTs feel this way since there is reference to taking our women but not our men? Kidding! ;p

Recently, I received an email from a reader who signed off as:

" (FT follower of AK) :) "

He was quite open about his thoughts and his fears before and I once replied to him like so:

"I like to think that the Singaporean readers who have commented in my blog on the issue are level headed and generous people. In fact, I know some of them and I am sure they are. :)

"However, Singapore has this thing called National Service which PRs and new citizens do not have to perform. So, I do understand that it is something that Singaporeans feel sore about.

"For me, generally, I don't think of people as FTs, PRs, born Singaporeans or new citizens. I like to think of everyone as just people and I like to see everyone achieve financial security and freedom and be happy.

"As long as people have respect for Singapore and her people, as long as they contribute to the country in any way and do not disturb the peace, I would like to welcome them. So, no rioting, no peeing in public, no complaining about neighbors cooking curry, for examples. :)

"Thank you very much for the email but I want to encourage you to leave a comment in my blog, if possible. If it is thoughtful, considerate and courteous, I do not see why anyone should flame you. :) "

Whether you are a foreigner in our land or a Singaporean, old or new, please treat every person with courtesy and respect. Common decency is not beyond anyone's reach, I am sure.

Don't you believe this to be the right thing to do as well?

In the news:
Philippine embassy reminds TTSH nurse...

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Dividend Chaser said...

Yes, AK71, well-said..treat everyone with respect and courtesy. When I see foreign talent pushed the trolleys from nearby supermarkets to their homes, I kind of lose respect for them.

Rolf Suey said...

Hi AK,

Have to agree with u. Hatred creates more hatred, respect creates more respect!


WK said...

Greece in the story now, shall we exit the market to keep the winnings?

AK71 said...

Hi DC,

Well, I cannot say that locals are saints either if you know what I mean.

We just have to see how people behave in food centres. I shan't start on this. LOL.

We are a young nation. It will take time to evolve. Crossing fingers. I hope we will become more like Japan when it comes to social graces and less like China. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Rolf,

Do unto others what we would like others to do unto us. We just have to put ourselves in others' shoes and we would know how to behave. :)

People who behave badly not only disgrace themselves, they disgrace their parents.

AK71 said...

Hi WK,

If the businesses we are invested in are fundamentally sound, lower prices mean that they are providing more value for money. Why would I want to sell? I should be thinking of buying more.

However, if the business' fundamentals are worsening, then, reducing exposure or divesting is a good idea. There are, of course, other reasons why we might want to sell.

You might be interested in this:
Sell now and wait to buy back lower?

Some people are wizards at predicting price movements. They could make a lot of money trading the market. I don't think I am one of them. -.-"

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