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Hickory dickory dock, AK just bought a clock!

Friday, January 23, 2015

I don't like wall clocks not because they are not pleasing to the eye. I just don't like knocking nails into walls. So, in my apartment, you will see only desk clocks. The problem with the ones I have is that they are quite small and hard for me to see unless I am quite close to them.

So, I decided that I should get a bigger clock, one that I could tell time with easily from anywhere in the living room.

They are hard to find and the few I saw are all so expensive. Their prices are from $59 to $139. Their faces weren't very big either. They were, maybe, 6cm to 8cm across. OK, maybe, I am used to paying $2.00 for a clock but, to be fair, those were tiny with faces 3cm or so across.

Anyway, I decided to just wait and see if I could find a less expensive one in future. No hurry, I told myself. Well, guess what. My patience was recently rewarded:

I found this in an old and dusty looking watch repair shop which has lots of old watches and clocks. It has a white face which is about 13cm across with black hands and numbers. Price? $29.00. Not bad.

It is actually a working alarm clock too! OK, I know. Duh... Aiyoh, humour me lah. A wall clock wouldn't have that function, right?

Clock looks happy sitting next to my new 40" FHD LED TV.

There is also a story about the TV which I paid very little for a couple of months ago but I will leave that story for another time, maybe.

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justin said...

Giant Spmarket selling decent $20 wall clock


AK71 said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for letting me know but nope, I don't want wall clocks. One of my quirks. ;p

I hardly support mom and pop shops. Felt quite happy I gave some business to this one. :)

owq said...

I've had these kind of clocks before when I was young. The alarms are one of the loudest. It's impossible not to wake up. Haha

Passive Income Builder said...

i just use my s4 as my alarm :P

AK71 said...

Hi owq and PIB,

I bought this clock not because of the alarm function although it could come in handy. I bought it because of the big white face and bold black numbers and hands. It just so happens that it is an alarm clock and the largest one I have ever seen too. ;p

AK71 said...

"Japanese consumer electronics giant Sharp on Tuesday (Feb 3) reversed its fiscal year profit forecast, warning that it would instead lose about US$256 million, largely owing to a slump in its television business." Source:

Oh, dear. I hope it is not because I have been telling family and friends to buy cheap OEM FHD TVs like me.

The Chinese OEM TVs are quite good and the prices are amazing. My 40" FHD LED TV effectively cost me about $300 only... ;p

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