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What to do when you have a hole in your backside?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Last evening, when I was walking back to my car after meeting a friend for dinner, I was stopped by a stranger who told me with a smile:

"Excuse me, you have a hole in your backside."

OMG! I was taken aback!

I looked at him and I didn't know what to say to that.

I mean, how would you react if you were in my shoes?

Black hole?

Of course, I have hole in my backside.

All of us do, don't we?

I wondered if he was trying to be funny.

Anyway, I must have stared at him long enough for him to feel uncomfortable after that.

He gave a weak smile and pointed at the back of my pants.

I turned to look and found a big tear in the seat of my pants!

So, that was what he meant.

I smiled and thanked him for telling me.

It must have happened very recently as I didn't see the tear when I did the laundry over the weekend.

I have had this pair of pants for almost 10 years.

I knew it was getting a bit threadbare and even ratty looking in some parts but this particular tear makes it (possibly) indecent to wear out from now on.

Looks like I will have to part ways with another old friend.

Feeling a bit sad but what to do?

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Singapore Man of Leisure said...


That's Singlish for you!

You disappoint me...

I thought you would say you're gonna find a piece of rag and patch up the hole. Can be a "grunt" fashion statement too ;)

You know, tell people you are beggar sect number 69 descendent?

Hello! Whatever happened to waste not?

I'm am disillusioned...

Sillyinvestor said...


If I friend said that to me, I would reply:

Everyone got hole at the backside what, otherwise how to shit.

LOL pardon me.

caelitus said...

The Lunar New Year is coming. Time to do some shopping at your mall and with your favourite card.

AK71 said...


How come you and LP said the same thing? OK, I am so very ashamed of myself now. -.-"

I am going to enlist my sister's help to mend this pair of pants. Please forgive my extravagance. -.-"

AK71 said...

Hi Mike,

I like your style. Straight to the hole.. er.. point. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi caelitus,

I still have some of those discounted CapitaMalls vouchers I bought last year in October. Will be using those first. ;p

EY said...

Hi AK,

Save the trouble. No need to stitch. Set fashion trend. Cooler also! LOL!

AK71 said...

Hi Endrene,

You cannot liddat say de. This is so embarrassing lor. AK is very shy and not given to exposing himself in public de. -.-"

AK71 said...

Frowns88 said...
Hi AK,

That is funny.
It is good that you do not really mind what others think of you, which is what most of us are weak at.

Talking about clothes, it is no wonder that the apparel industry is usually tough to survive.
Customers tend to like the comfort of their clothes even more as it wears off.

Blogger AK said...
Hi F88,

I don't really mind what people think about me most of the time but I am growing more sensitive to the idea that dressing presentably is also a form of courtesy (especially to people we care about) because most people care about looking presentable and do not want to be embarrassed by me.

Many years ago, I was scolded by my mom when I turned up at her birthday celebration in another old and worn looking t-shirt and it was a free t-shirt from a vendor too. Oops.

Bad AK! Bad AK! :(

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