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Green is not just the color of money.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

People remember Mr. Lee Kuan Yew for saying many things before but I think few would remember him making a statement regarding global warming and whether governments around the world were doing enough to tackle the problem.

He will be sad if the polar bears vanish from the North Pole, but sadder still should the ice cap melt at the South Pole. These dire consequences of global warming featured prominently in Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's inaugural Singapore Maritime Lecture at the Fullerton Hotel yesterday. 

"When the polar bear disappears from the Arctic, I will be sad when I see them at the zoo. But I will be sadder when the Antarctic ice cap melts because the water level will rise so much," he said. The calamity confronting humanity has no easy solutions nor are governments doing enough to tackle this problem, said Mr Lee. 

"I am not optimistic about the will of governments to attack this cause," he told some 300 top maritime executives, in response to a question about how Singapore can contribute to climate change. 
"I do not see any leaders saying let us eat less, eat more vegetables, eat less meat." 


Close friends would know that I am a bit of an environmentalist. I carefully wash and clean what could be recycled and deposit these in recycling bins regularly. I also try to grow some plants at home. I am careful to conserve water and electricity while still having a comfortable life.

I also try to reuse product packaging where possible and friends are constantly amazed by how I actually find a purpose for stuff that many would have simply thrown away. Some readers would remember how I put a Bengawan Solo mooncake tin to good use, for example.

So, I suppose it is not surprising that what Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said so many years ago stayed at the back of my mind. Then again, why the sudden flashback?

Well, I have been eating less meat recently. This is partly because I think I do not need much meat in my diet as I grow older and partly because I think they make me fat. The fact that not having meat helps the environment is a plus.

Do you know what else is a plus? The cost savings.

Here are some photos of my meals this week:

Price: $2.50

Price: $2.30

Price: $2.60

For dinner this evening, I decided to boil some broccoli I bought from the supermarket in an Ikan Bilis soup stock.
Price: $0.87. Ok, add water, heating and some Ikan Bilis.
Maybe $1.20?

Want to try doing something meaningful beyond your weekly routine? If you are not a vegetarian, try cutting back on meat this week.

I am not sure if you would like it but I think you would see the many benefits of doing so. Of course, you would also be doing your bit for the environment although you might not know it.

Have a good week ahead!

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Anonymous said...

Going vegetarian or vegan is one of the main directions humanity must/should advance towards, like full electric cars, BYOB, home recycling programs, but like poverty, eating meat is so entrenched in our society and culture (since beginning of humanity) that it is so difficult to imagine that it will be abolished in the future. On the other hand, wars have also existed as long as human history, but we have lesser wars now (or of less magnitude than before), so it is probably encouraging to think that way. just myself talking to myself (dun sue me for copyright/trademark) ;-P

Kim said...

我不吃肉, 我不会死。
但如我吃肉, 就有动物因我而死。
Be kind to animal :)

S-Reit System Investor said...

Hi AK,

Try steaming the broccoli in the rice cooker while you're cooking the rice. I find that it retains the sweetness of the broccoli which boiling doesn't seem to do so.

AK71 said...

Hi JK,

I am not a vegetarian or vegan but the idea of being one is quite appealing as I grow older.

We might be so comfortable doing what most of society are doing that sometimes it is really necessary to slow down and spend some quality time with ourselves to look inside. I have been doing a lot more of this in the last few years (and maybe this accounts for all the soliloquies here in my blog). -.-"

AK71 said...

Hi Kim,

I have heard of this before but maybe not in the same words. :)

Although I am not a kindness to animals activist, I do support the idea. Another incentive to turn vegetarian? ;p

AK71 said...


Some are advising me to cut back on the intake of carbs if I want to lose weight. So, that was why my dinner was the way it was. Just vegetable in soup. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion though. Will record it in my cook book. ;p

Kim said...

You already have a heart of gold by sharing your financial knowledge selflessly in this "practical" world, embracing sometimes, negative comments, which is not worth your time thinking over them, anyway. Thanks for your selfless sharing. Hmmm....u may want to bring this to another level by turning vegan...haha..just kidding. A vegan diet will only persist if it come from your bottom of heart that u really want to "love the animal more" or your health more. Hope I have not said anything silly :):)

AK71 said...

Hi Kim,

Not to worry. I will only do something if I really want to do it. Won't turn vegan because people tell me too. ;p

I am really an accidental blogger but if I am able to do some good with my blog, I am very happy. As a regular guy, I guess this blog could be my legacy. :)

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