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Thank you for investing in Income for income.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Investing for income has been very rewarding for me and it has helped me tremendously in my quest to achieve financial freedom. 

Some of my investments have been with me for years and in some instances I even "forget" that I have them.

I received a little reminder recently in the form of a letter to thank me for investing in Income. I rather enjoy the pun.

I pay NTUC Income regularly for a couple of insurance policies. NTUC Income make some money from me but because I am a shareholder, I get a share of their earnings. 

It creates a feeling that the insurance coverage I receive from NTUC Income is "free". Nice.

Wait a minute. Didn't I say that my H&S insurance is free from the government before? Alamak, I am confusing myself.

Anyway, jokes aside, it takes time to create an abundance of passive income and it doesn't always have to be through investment in equities. Bonds and bond-like instruments could help us meet some of our expenses in life too. 

That is what passive income is for at the most basic level, to help pay some of our bills.

Remember, having passive income will help to reduce our reliance on earned income. It is the best form of insurance we can have. 

Of course, all in good time.

Updated on 31 May 2016:
Another reminder arrived in the mail today:

Q: Can non-policyholders apply for the shares?
No, non-policyholders cannot apply for the shares. Only life policyholders of NTUC Income are eligible to subscribe to Income shares. This is a benefit given to them to enjoy attractive returns on a long term investment.

Q: How can policyholders subscribe to Income shares?

Applications for Income shares have been closed since Dec 2004.
 We are currently maintaining a waiting list for life policyholders who wish to subscribe to Income shares. We offer the shares which are redeemed by existing shareholders to the persons on the waitlist on a first come first served basis.
 Life policyholders who are keen to be on the waiting list may send an email to with their full name and NRIC number. We will contact the persons on the wait list when we are able to process their applications.

Source: NTUC Income FAQs

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LOL said...

Hello AK,

I agree with your statements that the passive income we create is to essentially help to pay some of our bills. If not why would a constant stream of passive income receive so much love right? ;)

On a separate note, how did you manage to receive free H&S insurance from the government? Never heard of it, care to enlighten? :)

AK71 said...


Passive income is very comforting and, I would say, necessary. :)

You want to get free H&S too? Please see related post number 1. ;)

Andrew said...

Can we actively buy NTUC income shares? I thot they allot to NTUC membership but only in smal quantities..


AK71 said...

Hi Andrew,

I think you might have confused NTUC Fairprice shares with NTUC Income shares. I have both. ;p

If you are interested in NTUC Income shares, you will have to join a very long queue now, I was told. Only if existing shareholders sell, then, there is a chance to buy. Each shareholder is allowed a maximum investment of $50,000, if I remember correctly.

Andrew said...

Ah, I see, indeed. Didn't know NTUC Income shares are "buyable", thanks AK.

Wee ee said...

I have the income shares and instead of redeeming them with NTUC Income at $10, do you think it's possible to sell them at a higher price through a share transfer ? Understand these shares are highly in demand.

AK71 said...

Hi Wee Ee,

Unfortunately, no. These shares are not publicly traded.

S0ulCrusade said...

Hi AK,

May I know how much the income shares are worth? I got a letter from UOB and it states that I have NTUC Income shares under (IN-Income). There is no valuation to them and it just states that the total cost is 36k. I really don't quite get what 'cost' is.

Must I proceed to the bank/CPF to find out its valuation? I have tried googling but have not found an answer.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

AK71 said...

Ho SC,

These are co-op shares and they are like fixed deposits. You put in $36K and if you should terminate, you get back $36K. There is no capital gain or loss.

AK71 said...

Celine Leow:
Hello, how do you become a Fairprice shareholder without becoming a union member? Thanks!

I got it when I bought an NTUC Income insurance policy. I am also an NTUC Income shareholder. :p

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