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Saving $384 on solar powered LED lights is $384 earned.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ever since moving to my new place a few months ago, I have been thinking of buying a couple of solar powered LED lights for the outdoor space which doesn't have any lighting point in the ceiling. 

However, they are so expensive:
Two of these would have cost me at least S$438.00!

I thought of getting the components and assembling them but AK is no engineer. Then, I saw an advertisement by IKEA. 

They sell solar powered LEDs and, so, I made a visit.

I stuffed the LEDs into a transparent lunch box at first. It worked but it looked ugly. So, I bought lanterns from IKEA and stuffed the LEDs into these instead:

Absorbs light energy in the day.

The LEDs turn on automatically at night.

They look like so many fireflies in the lanterns!

They work well and they cost less than $27.00 per unit, lantern and all.

Nice and bright. I am so happy with these.

I saved quite a bit of money with this "bright" idea and that makes me happy too.

Almost one year later and still going strong.

New photos added on 23 June 2016:

I added another LED lantern in my planter recently as the pink color lantern was on sale at IKEA! So, I guess I saved a bit more than $192 this time. ;p

Photos added on 27 November 2016:

My planter is getting crowded. -.-"
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"Both CFL light bulbs (low energy light bulbs) and LED light bulbs offer substantial energy savings. LED bulbs offer the greater saving overall using less energy and lasting longer at 60,000 hours, however a greater initial investment is required. In addition alternative fittings may be required and at present they only provide directional lighting."


apex property investment said...

Must have garden lights? (: thats another $27 savings just by switching mindset.

SMK said...

super like!

AK71 said...

Hi Apex,

I spend some time in my outdoor space at night from time to time. So, having some light is a good idea. Then, it is just about finding a less costly way to do it.

It seems that not having any lighting point in the ceiling of the outdoor space could have saved me some money as these LED lights are not only cheaper but they are also off the grid. :)

AK71 said...


Sounds like you might be making a trip to IKEA soon. ;)

BP said...

Nice, get some trunking to run and hide the wiring for better effect.

ローレンス said...

I've been thinking of getting led fairy lights also, but the power point accessibility / batteries will be a hassle. With this will be great, just stick that solar panel on my windows, and slip the lights into an empty absolute vodka bottle.


little toy brush said...

Is it water proof?

AK71 said...

Hi BP,

Indeed, the whole thing would look neater then. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Lawrence,

If you have those limited editions Absolute vodka bottles with the frosted finish in different hues, I am sure the set up will look stunning. :D

AK71 said...


If immersed in water, I think it would be a goner. So, I don't think it is water proof. However, I think it is water resistant. Mine have been rained on many times and they are still working. ;)

James Tan said...

Hi AK,
Those lantern also get from Ikea? Look nice :)

AK71 said...

Hi James,

Yup. Complete set up is less than $27.00 each. :)

Lantern in yellow color is $6.90 each. They also have the lantern in white color but that is $7.90 each, a dollar more.

pf said...

I bought my led lights from taobao. Entire 4 room flat cost less than 1k. Maybe taobao have solar powered led too?

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

I am somewhat wary about buying stuff which might need warranty backup online from China now. Both my sister and I had bad experience not too long ago. How was the experience for you? Are the lights of good quality?

pf said...

Lights r good. Everyone worked! Nothing was broken.

I was skeptical as well and I asked my friends and Id abt it. Apparently many ppl bought lights from taobao. So quite ok. :)

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

Thanks for sharing. That is good to know. Maybe, I will give it a try in future. Any seller you would recommend in particular? :)

pf said...

I bought lights from 4 sellers家米照明, 麦灯灯家居, 妙朗家居 and 埃维斯灯饰 to diversify my risks.

They all seem to have brisk business and not bad reviews. All in all, I am a satisfied customer. :)

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

Diversify and buy from a few sellers. I like that idea! However, if I am buying just one bulb or tube to try, I can't do it. Haha... OK, I will have to seriously consider LEDs for my lights in future if they are quite inexpensive online. :)

pf said...

Ohh...u hv not converted to all LED?
U might like to consider....coz they use less electricity, last longer and so more cost efficient than regular bulbs among other benefits in terms of quality.

I bought ceiling lights, pendant light and track lights. For toilets and storeroom also. The type that I got, can change colour with remote control one is abt sgd 80 to 120. My friend got such but no design to speak of sgd 400.

Btw, if it is just 1 bulb, quite easy to be broken. Mine all came nicely packed boxes within big box w Styrofoam and everything, so all arrived safely.

I bought additional track lights in case they r small and got damaged on the way. But no need to use. :)

AK71 said...

Hi pf,

Oh, but I have been using energy saving bulbs for years. These are CFLs and are 75% more energy saving as compared to incandescents and last up to 10x longer than traditional bulbs. I read that LEDs are 85% more energy saving as compared to incandescents and last up to 25x longer than traditional bulbs.

The thing is that comparing LEDs to CFLs, LEDs cost about 10x more partly because the CFLs have become much cheaper over the years. So, I am just wondering whether it is really worth making the switch. If I do make the switch, I think it would be because LEDs do not contain any mercury while CFLs do.

$80 to $100 for a light is very expensive but it is LED and it can change color? So, that's something, I guess. :)

pf said...

Haha....I'm a sucker for nice design. So I pay for it. Hee hee...

little toy brush said...

i was at ikea just now but couldnt find solar powered LED lights that are bright enough. there were only 2 types, $7 and $10, but very dim, and it came with a white cover that was quite impractical (need to screw open the cover to reach the on/off switch)

AK71 said...


The one I got is actually a string of 24 diodes.

Didn't bother with the one you described which I believe had only 3 diodes? Maybe, you could check with IKEA if they might be receiving a new shipment. :)

AK71 said...

A friend told me that IKEA ran out of stock a few weeks ago. Well, I was at IKEA Tampines earlier this week and new stock has arrived. Good news for those who are interested. :)

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