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Should our charitable efforts not benefit foreigners?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

There are causes I believe in. There are charities that I support. I also have a dream of setting up a charitable trust one day to help needy students. 

The ultimate aim is to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and their families through education. I didn't think that my efforts should benefit Singaporeans only.

In fact, we have many foreigners living amongst us who are making meaningful contributions to Singapore in many ways. We, Singaporeans, might or might not know it but we could even be calling some of them our friends.

Of course, there are bad hats, people with bad attitudes and ideas. There will always be such people. I have blogged about them. Someone from the U.K. and someone from the Philippines, for examples.

However, don't forget, some Singaporeans are bad hats too. Someone who is the namesake of a famous chocolate chip cookie brand, for example.

Many of us know that one of our more prolific hobbyist financial bloggers here in Singapore is from Indonesia and many Singaporeans follow his blog posts, I have no doubt. 

Are there anti-FTs amongst these Singaporean readers? 


Yes, it should hurt.

OK, I have recently been warned to stay away from topics which are hot potatoes like this one (especially with the General Election fever running high) because there might be readers who could forget all the good I have done in almost 6 years through my blog.

Well, I can only hope that readers are more rational than that.

I am saying this earnestly.

(In case you are wondering, something that happened on Facebook today provided the catalyst for this blog post.)

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Singapore Man of Leisure said...


You still got the instant noodle pot I loaned you?

Keep it.

By the way, here's my wok. A bit old, but when arrows darken the skies and rain on you, it might come in handy for you to do that Sparta thing - fight in the shade ;)

Eh, you got give the Indonesian boy a heads-up or not? Wait for nothing you draw unwanted attention to him... You are not exactly helping...

"It should hurt" my foot!

AK71 said...


A wok? OK, kamsiah. I can fashion that into a shield. ;)

Yes, I spoke with him on FB. He also commented in FB on the matter. A soldier! He is a good fellow and talks sense. We need more people like him around!

There, I have said it. Now, unleash the arrows.

Oh, you unleashed liao. At least you gave me a wok before unleashing. -.-"

Like I said on FB, I am tired of singing only songs that people like to hear. If they don't like the songs here in ASSI, well, they have a choice.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


OK, good. Just checking ;)

I hate cowards who like to drag others in without prior consultations.

As a man-whore, I hear you.

Who likes to be a "prostitute"?

I'm not a bleeding heart; I'm a romantic.

Never mind the chivalry code was pretty much destroyed by the English at the Battle of Agincourt...

But still, when people don't practice proper Rules of Engagement, you'll find me with a ready poke ;)

AK71 said...

The sentiment is more common and deep seated than I thought. From my FB wall:

Ku Xing Seng:
I wont waste my precious hard earn money to donate to NUS !

Assi AK:
It is not a donation to the school. It is a donation to help needy students in the school. It is your call, of course.

Ku Xing Seng:
Help those FT student? No way. I have never gone through university education.

Ku Xing Seng:
If I got money, I rather donate to old folk home or other charity.

Assi AK:
It is not to help FT students. Please read my blog post carefully and the attached picture.
Having said this, if you rather donate to other charities, that is good too.

Ku Xing Seng:
How do u so certain that burseries will not benefit those FT student?

Assi AK:
Bursaries are for needy Singaporean students only. Anyway, no big deal lah. If you don't trust something, best to avoid. Same for investments and charities. smile emoticon

Assi AK:
For me, it doesn't really matter. If a student is truly needy and if he had to drop out of school because of a lack of money, I think he deserves help.
Should our charitable efforts not benefit foreigners?

Ku Xing Seng:
Or PR?

Assi AK:
They stated "Singaporeans".

Assi AK:
What about PRs who became Singaporeans, you may ask? How?

Assi AK:
Or Singaporean children born to Singaporean mom and PR father?

Assi AK:
Don't think so much lah.

Ku Xing Seng:
I won't donate $$ to needy student! I am not as rich as u!

Ku Xing Seng:
I never been through university education before. Therefore donated to them is a no for me.

Assi AK:
It has nothing to do with being rich or not. It has nothing to do with how big a donation we make.
Like I said, even a $10 donation is going to help. Every dollar counts.
Anyway, I already said, you donate to whichever charitable causes you believe in. It is fine.

AK71 said...


Too cryptic. Too cheem.

My knowledge of history is pretty much limited to what was available in the secondary one and two textbooks. -.-"

If you are asking whether I told him I am going to mention an "Indonesian blogger" in my blog post, then, no. I didn't.

If you are asking whether we talked about the issue at length and whether I updated him on what is happening on FB which led to a comment from him on the matter in public on FB, yes.

Actually, there are more than one Indonesian blogging on investments here in Singapore whom I know of and I have not mentioned names.

Anyway, all of us have different views on what is considered cowardly. You could think of me as an honest coward, if you like. It doesn't bother me.

Little Chicken said...

Hi AK,

Mind to share who is the blogger? I'd like to read his posts :)

Hazy L said...

Hi AK,

You've a golden heart. Always been so unbelievably stingy on yourself and touchingly generous on people in need. Like.


AK71 said...

Hi Little Chicken,

You could already be reading his blog and not know it.

If you have not come across his blog, you probably would in time to come. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Hazy,

Oh, I am no saint. I have a car, remember? Expensive thing, the small car. -.-"

However, I do believe in being charitable.

"We only need so much money in life and the rest is for showing off." So said someone's mother.

When I see very rich people sharing photos of them visiting UHNW banking centres, their brand new luxury watches that cost tens of thousands of dollars etc., I would ask them to donate some money to charities. Sometimes, the response could be rather disappointing but it is their money.

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