They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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InvestX Congress 2015: Chit chat with readers.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy that I got to meet many readers at InvestX Congress 2015. 

I was part of the 4 member Q&A panel at the end of the day and because not everyone got to ask me the questions they had, I stayed back till 7.30pm to continue chatting with readers who came up to me. 

I hope I answered all their questions and, more importantly, got them thinking about their own strategies. Yes, it is important to have our own strategies. 

Don't simply do what I do because you like to build passive income. Not everyone can do or should do what I do. 

Have a plan, your own plan.

I received quite a few emails and there will probably be a few more to come. I would like to share a couple of emails from readers here and I hope they inspire:

Hi AK,

Re your articles related to saving, I had cut my morning gourmet coffee from 5 times / week to 2 times per week, every 5 cups  purchased , I get 1 free coffee :) still can't cut down totally, enjoying sitting in the cafe before start working.

I bring breakfast, lunch and fruit to the office regularly except when I meet friend for lunch. When I lunch out I try to cap at 6sgd per meal (work in CBD). 

I start to track my expense and had established a budget for 2016. I have decided it will be a frugal year for us. Extra money goes to investment. 

I have purchased my first 4 stocks in my life and more to come as I learn. 

For tomorrow, I will wake up early to pump milk for my baby boy, take MRT and bring my breakfast to attend the event of the year :) 
Thanks for sharing and always be there to answer our email.

Hi J,

It sounds like you have a plan and making progress too. Good on you! :D

I think you will see that every dollar does add up over time. :)

Hope you enjoyed InvestX 2015. ;)

Best wishes,

Dear AK,

I finally got to meet you in person :)

I shall try to keep this short and sweet because I'm sure many readers email you, comment on your blog and your active blogging takes up quite a bit of time.

You were the one that sparked my interest in investing and also providing avenues of learning i.e. Dividend Machines, InvestX Congress 2015. From there it has encouraged me to keep learning and also sharing with others what I have learnt (as much as it's very basic).

I don't have much to ask you right now because I should put in the effort/due diligence in learning and forming my foundation from your blog and the treasure trove of previous posts as well as books, the internet, seminars/talks etc. I just have to put in effort searching through your blog with the search function or follow related posts.

I'm a newbie hence I want to keep and open mind and consider as many perspectives as I can. I never knew of the existence of "shorting". Sell High, Buy Low. I was like huh what magical technique this is. There's so much to learn out there! I only scraped some simple concepts of TA like Moving Average and CCI, which admittedly I have yet to fully internalize. Off to "investing/trading" school for me :D

I would like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge freely. I'm sure you get it often but I really mean it each time I say it.


Hi F,

I am happy to see so many readers at InvestX 2015. 

I am always happy to talk to myself as long as people are interested in listening. ;)

All of us were newbies at one time. 

The learning process these days is probably a bit less daunting and a bit more fun thanks to the internet. 

It is easier to get our hands on information and also to be educated. I am sure you will do well in time to come. :) 

Best wishes,

If you went for InvestX Congress 2015 and would like to share with me what you think of it, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The Fifth Person.
Thank you and have a good day!

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AK71 said...

Hi AK,

Good to meet you face-to-face at InvestX yesterday. Or rather face-to-mask :-)

May I ask - every year, I contribute max to SRS which are invested in insurance and stocks. Unfortunately, I don't make good investment decisions.

One reason I attend InvestX this year is to learn as much as I can.

What do you suggest I do with my SRS this year? I'm conservative - wealth preservation, "fire and forget" and don't like to do active management. Horizon 10-15 years for as retirement fund.

STI ETF? REITS? Dividend stocks? Blue chips? Thanks.

Hi KN,

Happy you felt good at InvestX. ;)

SRS money is locked up till we are 62, at least.
It is mainly to help us have another nest egg for retirement and pay less tax at the same time.
If you want to shoot and not look, the STI ETF is a worthy consideration if you have a longer horizon which 10 to 15 years seems to fit.
Don't buy stuff that might have rights issue (e.g. REITs). Very troublesome.
You could buy some strong blue chips like ST Engineering too. Over 10 to 15 years, chances are good that it will be very rewarding. :)

I was talking to myself. -.-

Best wishes,

AK71 said...

A summary of the event by Azrael:

What I learnt at InvestX Congress 2015.

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