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How to make a cucumber fish cake burger? Is Vitasoy Less Sugar really healthier than the regular version and Yeo's?

Friday, March 18, 2016

If I can avoid leaving the comfort of home, I will. So, if I can do a bit of cooking at home and avoid crowds at food centres, why not?

However, I am not a chef extraordinaire. I also don't want to have to do a lot of cleaning up after cooking. So, it is only light weight cooking for me but I try to be imaginative.

Recently, I made a couple of fish cake burgers!

What do they look like?

Tadah! Yummy? You bet!

So, how did I make these?

Get some fish cakes and cucumber. Cheap, cheap.

800 watts and 2 minutes in the microwave oven does the job.

Use a sharp knife and dissect the fish cake.

Stuffed with cucumber, dusted with turmeric and black pepper.

Easy, right? It satisfies my craving for hawker food but in a healthier way. Cheap too at less than a dollar.

Going, going, gone!

Recently, I stop consuming soya bean but I used to drink lots of soya bean milk.

I would usually buy Yeo's because it is less expensive but I would occasionally indulge in Vitasoy too when they had special offers.

The "healthier" less sugar pack has more saturated fat and sodium.

Yeo's has the highest sugar level!

So, which version of soya bean milk would you choose to consume?

Well, there is quite a bit of discussion as to whether soya bean is even good for us. I believe we might only have a problem if we take too much of it which was what I was doing. Now, I am avoiding it.

"Soy contain protease inhibitors which interfere with the digestion of protein. Also, in order to prevent germination, phytates tie up minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron. Both protease inhibitors and phytates are reduced by the traditional, time-consuming fermentation processes developed in the orient, but not by modern quick methods.

"Lectins are proteins found in beans, grains, and other foods. They bite into carbohydrates, particularly sugars, often causing immune system reactions and blood clotting. Soybean lectins react with the carbohydrate component of cell membranes, causing cell injuries and deaths. As this damage accumulates, it adversely affects the gastrointestinal, immune, and other systems."

(Taken from: American Nutrition Association.)

On that note, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I did writing it.

Bon appetit!

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Unknown said...

Fortune (Hong Yun) Soy Bean milk is a bit too sweet but is natural as there arent much extra additives other than sugar.
Sobe Original is less sweet but has extra stabilizer...
Sobe Trim and Unsweetened contain lots of other additives e.g. calcium which are unnatural and best avoided imo.

Miharu Yong 米哈鹿。杨 said...

Yummy Yummy~!!!Good post and i really learned many from this!

Hello Mr. Ak, nice to meet you , i am yong from malaysia, this is my first time to leave comment here.(sorry my english not really good)
Wish to get your advice (if you willing to help),
let say i own 70k ( malaysia dollar)plan to invest for a reit counter in malaysia, DY5.5%.
and i wish i can reach financially freedom around age 40 ( no greedy, if monthly get 4K malaysia dollar i feel enough)is it impossible?either is or not, how should i start my investment ?thankyou so much . Sincerly~

KC Yeo said...

Dear AK,

I guess too much of anything is not good. They have reports stating that cow's milk is now detrimental to the bones of humans. Now that cow and soya is not recommended, what can we turn to? Sheep milk? Horse milk? Rice milk?
Back to your fish cake burger, it looks yummy but might need a little more nutrition. If its just a snack no issues. But as a main meal you might want to consider adding some other nutrients. Fish cake is mainly made up for a little bit of fish with plenty of flour and sodium. Just my two cents.


AK71 said...

Hi Yong,

Welcome to my blog. :)

I was invited to attend an event in Penang next month but unfortunately, it clashes with another appointment. Otherwise, it would be a good opportunity to meet some of my readers in Malaysia.

I do not think that your plan is impossible. In fact, 5.5% yield is rather conservative. If we have another GFC, yield could go much higher. It is important to be prepared in order to take advantage of a crisis if it should happen.

So, how to start? Generally, once your basics are covered (e.g. emergency fund), I would stay invested but always have some funds (i.e. war chest) ready.

Gambatte! :)

AK71 said...

Hi KC,

I have been avoiding wheat flour but fish cake is made using potato starch which apparently is allowed in my diet. ;p

I don't eat like this all the time. Thanks for the reminder on nutrition. I appreciate it. :)

As for milk, I have been avoiding cow's milk for years. Soya milk, I started avoiding more recently. Some friends are recommending almond milk or rice milk now as safe and healthier choices.

Miharu Yong 米哈鹿。杨 said...

Thankyou AK ^^

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