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Tea with TheMinimalist: How I Made 300%+ Returns (US$1,930) On One Trade In Less Than 24 Hours (Part 1).

Thursday, March 17, 2016

After a long break, here is another guest blog by a regular reader, TheMinimalist:

How I Made 300%+ Returns (US$1,930) On One Trade In Less Than 24 Hours (Part 1)


I was scrolling through Facebook on Sunday morning when I saw AK sharing an article I wrote in 2014 ( Curiously, one of the readers remarked on how I am doing now.


To the reader (Raymond Ng), rest assured I am doing fine. Due to some personal life issues (Nope, it’s not infidelity. This writer is actually still single ^^), I decided to take some time off to work on myself.


Ah…but let’s cut to the chase shall we. How in the world did I make 300%+ ROI in less than one day?


I know what you are thinking. “Bullshit. Impossible. Must be using AK’s platform to sell his super discounted *$8,888* trading course.” 


Nah. I have far better things to do in life. Really. Don’t believe me? By the way, here’s a screenshot of my trade:



Here’s what the above screenshot means. I opened a trade on ULTA on 10th March, 3:16am for $640 and closed my trade on 11th March, 2:07am for $2,570 for a total profit of $1,930 (302% ROI).


You must be asking “Why am I so nice to share ah. The Minimalist must have some hidden agenda.” And yeah, I certainly do. Before I bare my soul to you, let me ask you this “How much $$$ are you making on your investment portfolio? +7%? +20%? +100%? Oh my god, it’s negative! Oops!” The second question is “Are you taking responsibility for your investment results?” Refer:


You see. We win, we (think we) are geniuses. We lose, must be AK’s fault. No wonder AK is blogging less these days. Tsk tsk!


I look at my investment results. I am not happy. What did I do? I decided to pick up a skill set (options trading) to boost my investment returns. And I am reaping the benefits today. J


My message is this “Be responsible. Stop blaming others for your failures. Stop envying others’ successes. Analyse why you failed. Then change. Success is just a few steps away.”


If I were intending to sell you my super discounted *$8,888* trading course, I would have stopped here. If I want to be an ego-manic and brag about my trading results, I would simply post it on Facebook and feel exponentially good about myself with each like. Sad huh. We both know plenty of people in our lives that do this.


But you know I am not like that. I am a nice guy. J


Before I start talking to myself and share with you my trading “secrets”, I have to be upfront and tell you that such a result is atypical. This means that the opportunity to generate >100% ROI in less than one day comes by once in a blue moon. Like once every two months if you are lucky.


In addition, such a trade is extremely risky. It means that instead of making 300% returns, I could have easily suffered a 100% loss.


The trade that I made is based on a trading strategy called “Earnings Play” and there are four parameters that I use to shortlist and identify such stocks.    


The detailing of my trading strategy will be revealed in Part 2 of this article. J


P.S Ah, disappointed? Tell you what, if this article can garner more than 88 likes on Facebook, I’ll be more than happy to pen out my trading strategy in Part 2 of this article and share it in like 8 days time? Come on, at least you are not paying $8,888!    


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