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Achieving financial freedom by making some lemonade (or chocolate oatmeal).

Saturday, April 23, 2016

You know what they say about how we should make lemonade if life should throw us some lemons? 

Yes, things do not always go the way we want them to. That is life.

You know the saying that it does not rain but it pours? 

Yes, bad things could happen one after another in a short span of time. That is life.

Unless we are some highly enlightened priest or monk, for examples, being a mere mortal, it is hard for us not to be affected in a negative way. 

I know.

I could probably write a sequel to "A series of unfortunate events" based on what happened to me in the last few months.

When a friend found out, she said that my full time job is now a patient because I have been visiting hospitals (yes, in the plural).

It can get quite depressing especially if we know what hospital food is like. Yes, yucky!

The important thing is to try and stay positive. Yes, I know it is easier said than done but, still, we have to find happiness where we can.

So, when they served me a breakfast of tasteless oatmeal, half boiled egg and Milo, what did I do?

Alone, the Milo drink was too sweet. Alone, the oatmeal was too bland. Hmmmm...

What if I were to mix them together? Voila:

Haha. I had chocolate oatmeal which wasn't so bad.

Working towards financial freedom, those of us who have some advantages in life might already find it tough and those of us who have none will definitely find it even tougher. 

Yes, life might deal us a bad hand of cards but that is life. The important thing is to stay positive when given some rather unhappy circumstances and try to find that silver lining.

Things don't always go our way. 
That is life.

If we want a better life, we will have to find a way.

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Unknown said...

I could probably write a sequel to "A series of unfortunate events" based on what happened to me in the last few months.

Please start! Or at least provide a summary...

Dennis Ng said...

Hi AK,
I know you are a fighter and won't give up w/o giving a good punch, you're going to cross the obstacles, you're going to make it.
Get well soon, soon and soon, k?

Siew Mun said...

AK, hope everything is fine for you and get well soon!

Don_Jerome said...

Take care AK.

Get well soon!

AK71 said...

Thanks for the well wishes.

Crossing fingers! :)

Tan Wee Boon said...

Take care AK! Jiayou! :)

yeng pah said...

Hi AK,

I thought you were getting fitter and healthier. You have started climbing stairs and eating more healthy. Please get well soon. You are a role model for many of us and we really admire your investment prowess.

AK71 said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the encouragement. :) said...

Dear AK
What happened ?? Aiyoyo.

I hope it's nothing serious and you will be good as new again very soon! Please take care :)

dorshii korshii said...

Hi AK:)

Think Positive…..Act positive……Persevere…….and Take Charge of your life and health.
Nuggets of 'Rainy Brain. Sunny Brain' from Prof Elaine Fox of Oxford University.

Take CARE.

Alex said...


Just came across your blog recently.

I really appreciate all your generous sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

It really gave me great inspiration in investing in the stock market.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Alex said...


Just came across your blog recently.

Really appreciate the generous sharing of your knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Wishing you a speedy recover.

Best Regards


jojo said...

Hi AK,
Do take care of yourself. Hope u get well soon.
And when you do get well and leave the hospital, eat well (by that, I mean don't stinge on food and eat healthily), live well (exercise, take time to smell the roses ...) and live simply (unruffled mind, unruffled life ... peace of mind is priceless).
Our thoughts are with you ... and thanks for all your sharing and positive lessons in life. :)

AK71 said...

Hi all,

Thank you 1,000 times. :)

john koh said...

Hi AK,

Hang in there.
Get well soon!

Best Regards

john koh said...

Take care and hang in there, AK.

Get well soon!


PCB Guy said...

Hi AK,

I hope you are doing well!

Get well soon and you can overcome this difficult period.

We all will be looking forward for your valuable guidance and advises.

Stock Hunter said...


Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health.

Adrian Ong said...

Get well soon AK!

AK71 said...

Hi all,

Thank you 10,000 times. :)

Daniel said...

Hi AK,
Try to do arms swing daily begin 500 times (10 mins) n take care

Mao Mao said...

Hi AK. Not sure what is your current medical condition but I hope it is not due to Low Carb High Fat LCHF diet or Intermittent Fasting. That diet is a fad diet without sufficient years of sample size. It is too risky to go low carb and high fat for long periods. Our great grandparents all ate rice and lived to an old age. The fad diet harps on our stone age ancestors eating habits but the truth is our modern body has deviated too far away from our stone age forefathers.

ys said...

Some nice post hope to help you together.

ys said...

Some nice post hope to help you together.

blazingruby60 said...

hello AK
just read that you are hospitalised... get well soon and chat with us more often..

AK71 said...

Hi all,

Thank you 100,000 times. :)

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