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To retire by age 45, start with a plan.

"Is early retirement the right financial choice?" Jim Ellis discusses long-term financial growth strategies. I have blogged a...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


"Hi ak, I didn't manage to ask question during your session last fri, actually I would like to ask your "pointers" on: It's easy to buy but I would like to find out when do u sell or trim your portfolio in particular to take profit or capital protection? Looking forward to next ak with friends session!"

"Sell when the investment no longer does what it should do or if you can find a better investment. If you would like to trade, then, you must pick up some TA skills."


example: DBS trading less than book value, is that your permanent holding or you sell when DBS is 1.1 NAV?"

"If DBS were to go to a PE ratio of 14x or more, I might sell some."

noted with thanks, shall ponder on your wise words. basically is buy and buy for long term instead of marketing timing to trend trading."

"Timing market versus Time in the market."

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