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Market timing versus buying at prices you won't sell at.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Reader says...
Hi AK,

I emailed you a few years ago about starting to invest and you advised me to build up on my knowledge and to build a war chest. 

Now, I have opened an CDP account and feel that I am ready to start on an investment journey. 

I would like to seek your opinion. 

The mantra is simple, buy low sell high. 

But do you think that the timing is right for me to buy stocks? 

Or should I wait for a better time and buy in the future?

AK says...

Alamak. I think I am one of the worst market timers in the world.

Ask what is your motivation for investing and see whether the investments fit your motivation.

Then, ask what you think they should be worth and whether the price Mr. Market is asking from you is worth paying.

Buy at prices you won't sell at and sell at prices you won't buy at.


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AK71 said...

Reader says...
I am in my 40s now and my money is locked in mortgage repayment... I have done the necessary to max out my CPF and have enough coverage for insurance...

Could you share more info:

1. How do I start investing now? I am investing more for income (dividends just like you)... Is it a good time to buy reits now? Prices seem high... I am looking at buying AIMs Reits as I only have enough money for 1 counter as of now and I don't think I have time to monitor so I am willing to buy and hold for a long time... Really hope to have a passive income like what you have achieved ;)

2. Is it worthwhile to save a sum of money to invest now or later in reits or would you recommend other types of stocks?

3. Is it better to buy another property for investment when the price is right? If you were me, how would you decide when to buy a 2nd property for investment?

AK says...
You have to decide for yourself if it is a good time for you.

It depends on what you want and if you think the prospective investment can deliver.

This blog says everything:

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