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Monday, January 23, 2017

How to be ahead of the game?

Please don't believe everything bloggers tell you. Sometimes, bloggers can also be minions of wealth destruction.

A personal finance blog says if a designer bag you want arrived earlier than expected and you haven't saved enough for it, there are some credit cards with benefits which you can consider using. OMG!

It doesn't matter what they say after that because that is just so wrong in more ways than one. 

Ask why the blogger said something like that? What was that blog trying to do? The blog says "We compare, you save." I find that ironic.

I think they are comparing the wrong things lah.

I compare for you and you save some money. Why this bag cannot use? This bag $50 only. Why must get a $500 bag? What? $500 is not designer? $500 is mass market? $10,000 then designer? OMG!

OK, you might not like this but if you must save money to buy a designer bag, obviously, that bag is not for you. 

Sorry if it hurts. 

Often, the truth does.

Remember, to someone with $1,000,000 in savings, $10,000 is like $100 to someone with $10,000 in savings. 

If you only have $10,000 in savings and you spend it on a $10,000 designer bag, you have nothing left. Zilch! 

That millionaire might no longer be a millionaire after buying the same designer bag but $990,000 is still a lot more money than zero.

What? Not enough money, use credit card? Who say one? Oh, that blogger say one.

Saw the video? AK even has
 the weight of the MAS behind him hor. Which MAS? You say leh?

AK got slogan or not?

"AK nags, you save.

Alamak! Who threw a shoe at me?

From my FB wall:
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James L said...


LOL.. so you read Singsaver blog as well! Haha!

AK71 said...

Hi James,

Actually, I don't. I was searching for more information on zero interest installment plans because of the blog I did before this one. Their article was one of the top 10 from Google.

I have seen their ads on TV before. So, I know they are running a business but this is terrible. It is really another case of readers beware.

holly liv said...

Hi Shi fu AK

I better. I still using the one and only wallet my friend give me as birthday present many years ago. Use till the wallet skin came off but still do not want to buy new one. I really follow your thrifty ways

AK71 said...

Hi Holly,

You might have missed this blog:
Parting with an old friend.

Of course, 15 years is quite a long time. :)

Tanya said...

Talking about wallets ... I have this habit of hogging wallets and purses. Whenever I'm overseas I would buy some local designer wallets and purses, especially during Christmas.

Then when it comes to friends or my family members birthdays or parties I would wrap it and give it to them :). Ted Baker wallets and purses costs only around sgd 30bucks during sales in London. Same ones going for close to 200 bucks some times in SG.

AK71 said...

Hi Tanya,

When I had to travel for work, I would look out for bargains too but I usually like buying locally crafted products from small independent stores. I not a very designer person but if I can spot a bargain, why not? ;p

Mao Mao said...

Hi AK, I think sometimes an indulgence is fine, e.g. an expensive treat or a gift after hitting a milestone e.g. lost 5kg of weight, job promotion, etc

AK71 said...

Hi Mao Mao,

Of course, it is.

All a matter of proportion. ;)

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