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How much did AK make from Saizen REIT?

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Dear AK,

I just started following your blog this year. So many gems!

Thanks for resharing your Saizen REIT blog post from 2015 on Facebook. It just tells me how much more I have to read in your archives!

I might regret asking this but how much money did you make from your investment in Saizen REIT?


Don't worry, you can ask. I won't bite your head off. Whether I give you the desired answer or not is something else.

If I did not reveal the larger investments in my portfolio recently, I would probably have refused your request.

Now, I don't see any harm in sharing the numbers. :)

Income distributions plus capital gains (excluding return of capital) from the sale of all the REIT's assets, roughly,

$ 245,000

Almost a quarter of a million dollars.

The number shouldn't be surprising since Saizen REIT was one of my 3 largest investments in S-REITs and my entry prices were pretty low.

In terms of percentage, the return was probably around 20% per year, give or take a little. I am not crazy enough to calculate the exact numbers.

Of course, now, with news that Saizen REIT is to be liquidated, I should be seeing another few thousand dollars coming back but that is really a return of capital.

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See errata (19 Mar 17, 9.25pm):

Understated gains from Saizen REIT.


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