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Missed selling APTT at higher price.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hi Mr. AK,

I like when you say all investments are good at the right price.

I also follow you to buy APTT when it was 38c. Thank you.

I just found out you sold end of last month. The price now 43c.

I missed the chance to sell at 49.5c. Do you think I should sell at 43c?

I am not blaming you but I only read your blogs on stocks.

I missed the sell on APTT at high price because it was not not in the blog title.

Hi LK,

Welcome to my blog.

If you like Peter Lynch's famous saying, you should first learn to tell the difference between price and value. 

You could start by reading some books: HERE.

Read that blog post of mine again to learn why did I choose to sell and not hold on to APTT for dividends. 

Note that although the investment gave me a very nice 32% capital gain, that was not the main reason for selling.

As for being less than organised in my blog, I am a mental blogger. Sometimes, I confuse even myself. 

A thousand apologies.

Best wishes,

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blazingruby60 said...

I too had listened in to your talking to yourself and bought into APTT at 38 cents but I didnt hear your call to sell ..ha ha..
I am retiring in a few years and hope to build up a portfolio of stocks to collect passive income. I know about rising interest rates and the issues with reits asking from shareholders to get their bonus shares, rights etc..
Is there a need to sell APTT since I bought in at a low price of 38 cents?

I am one of your many audience..Please continue to talk to yourself..thank you

AK71 said...

Hi ruby,

I don't know if there is a need to sell APTT but I always compare investments against each other to help me decide if I should make any changes.

So, in this instance, I decided to sell my investment in APTT at the price I did because other investments with better profiles could provide similar returns.

Having said this, I still have a legacy position in APTT from its MIIF days. That is almost free of cost. Almost risk free, I will leave it be.

Kevin said...


I like how you apply Benjamin Graham's margin of safety to all or most of your investments and also the financial discipline you apply.

Personally, I find that financial discipline is not easy, especially the constant tussle between the wants and needs. :P
Nonetheless, I can safely say i am getting there. ;)

Enjoy reading your blog posts and stay the mental blogger you are. Thank you.

AK71 said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot I have an appointment with IMH next week. ;p

Market Observer said...

Hi Folks, i read your post with keen interest on APTT. It closed @ 0.465 last Friday, what do you think. The low was 0,375 / recent high was 0.51 there about. Its NAV is $0.85 (as at Feb). I would be buying if it traces back to $.40. I'm comparing this to Sabana, since both fell as much the same. May I know your view. on technical the momentum is neutral.

AK71 said...

Hi MO,

I don't think we should compare APTT with Sabana REIT. There isn't anything similar in what they do at all.

To find out why I bought and sold APTT when I did, you want to read this blog post:

Scroll down towards the end and you will find it.

40c would be a better entry than 46.5c. ;)

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