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1Q 2017 passive income from non-REITs.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

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In my last blog, we saw that I made some changes in my S-REITs portfolio in 1Q 2017. Regular readers might recall that the quarter also saw some changes in my non-REITs portfolio.

I made the following changes to my non-REITs portfolio:

1. Increased my investment in APTT and then sold it within 2 months.

See: Sold APTT at higher price.

2. Increased my investment in QAF Limited.

See: What is QAF really worth?

3. Invested in Kingsmen Creatives.

See: Kingsmen Creatives Limited.

4. Increased my investment in Religare Health Trust.

See: Increased investment in RHT.

5. Invested in Centurion.

See: Centurion Corporation Limited.

6. Invested in Guocoland.

See: Guocoland and Mr Quek.

Eco World, GuocoLand to hold 27% stake each.

Quite a few changes, I must say, and, naturally, my cash position is very much lower now. Off the top of my head, cash is probably at less than 20%.

More than 80% invested is a big deal to me. It is probably a big deal for any regular retail investor who believes in always having a war chest ready.

Unless Mr. Market should throw me prices much lower than the current levels, all else remaining equal, I really wouldn't be adding. 

I received income from the following non-REITs in 1Q 2017:

1. Singtel
2. Tai Sin
3. APTT 
5. Croesus

Total income received from non-REITs, with Croesus Retail Trust being the biggest contributor, in 1Q 2016 is:


This gives me about $4,514 a month.

Together with income received from S-REITs, I suppose 1Q 2017 turned out pretty well.

I get enough to cover all my expenses and more. So, I am able to do voluntary contribution to my CPF account and also put some money in my war chest. Now, back to my game.

Make $1 million investing for income?
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H said...

Hi AK,

Can I ask why you decided to be 80% invested at this time? Anecdotally, a financial crisis appears every 7-10 years and we may be due for another since the global financial crisis. The S&P is hitting new highs, interest rates are rising and yields from Reits may be compressed. By being 80% invested, do you believe there will be stability for at least a few more years?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

AK71 said...

Hi H,

I don't know what Mr. Market is going to do in future.

I do know or at least I hope I know when a stock looks relatively attractive. Interest rate is just one of many considerations and I shared a video in my blog on 1Q 2017 income from S-REITs.

I know some people who keep saying that the next stock market crash is coming and some have been saying this for 3 or 4 years, holding on to cash.

I keep saying that we should not be overly pessimistic. Be pragmatic.

I said that again last year at an event:

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