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Financial freedom and not enough time.

Monday, April 3, 2017

I met three friends for lunch a few days ago. They are all financially free, having sufficient passive income to meet their expenses in life and more. They do not spend time chasing after money now.

We talked about a mutual friend of ours who is richer than any of us but seems to be more interested in getting even richer faster, sacrificing what we thought were more important things in life in doing so.

Then, more recently, I had a chat with a female friend:

See photos of the Rosemary I gave to my sis.

Do you actually cook these? Or you actually treat them like plants?

I am not much of a cook. I just grow them. I like the scent.

I see. I get you nice pot for you then.
I grow plant Bc they look beautiful and they are calming. I don't like flowers. only green things.

Please don't get me any nice pot. I like cheap cheap pots from NTUC fairprice and Daiso.
They are good and cheap. LOL. Thanks for the offer though.


Alamak. Even plants want to look pretty mah

I am sure they dun care. LOL

L: always know what you want so I shldnt interfere

They care about getting enough light, water and nutrients. 😉
We can learn a thing or two from plants. 😉

We only need so much money in life. The rest is for showing off. 

To be financially free, ultimately, is to be free from working for money.

Life is too fragile and I decided to be nicer to myself after a series of unfortunate events which happened in the last couple of years.

A friend told me some time ago:

"You worked so hard for financial freedom. You have the resources to do whatever you want to do now. You should."

Yesterday, I said something similar to another friend who has achieved financial freedom but still drags himself to work because he thinks he doesn't have enough money. 

For some, it could one day be a case of having too much money and not enough time.

We should know when we have enough money so that we can have more time.

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Kevin said...

Hi AK,

Sharing this quote by the Dalai Lama that fully explains mankind. :P

TFP said...

Hi AK,

How do you determine if money is enough to last your lifetime? Do you have any formula?

Thank you.

MT said...

Dear AK,

Yes, sometimes it is indeed right to pamper one's self, especially after achieving one's financial goals. After all, isn't the point of achieving financial goals is to have the time to enjoy life? As long as one continue to show discipline in managing one's spending habits such that it is sustainable, it is fine.

Ben said...

Hi AK 71,

Not sure whether this is an appropriate question for you. How much does a family (Annual expenses is about $48K) should have (inclusive of CPF saving) to be able to call it a day (quit from a rat race)?



AK71 said...

Hi Kevin,

Om Amitabah. :)

AK71 said...


Retirement planning.

We have to determine how much do we need per month first. Then, we will have an idea.

AK71 said...

Hi MT,

Yes, sustainability is key. :)

It would be terrible to have to go back to work for money.

AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

Well, the kiasu AK way is to see if all our assets together generate at least $48K a year in passive income. You can include CPF savings in the equation if you are 55 and above, of course. :)

MSAPersonalFinance said...

Hi AK71,

Do you mind to share how your 3 friends achieve financial freedom? It might be another encouraging stories for those who are still in the journey to achieve it. Thanks.

AK71 said...


It would be theirs to tell. :)

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