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Can a 34 year old retire with a $300K portfolio?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

(AK is an IT dinosaur.)

I am too lazy to visit forums or chat groups. I am also too lazy to visit other blogs. 

So, when I do leave a comment in other blogs from time to time, it is an "OMG, give me a set of lucky 4D" moment.

Listening to a friend and setting up a Facebook page was a giant leap forward for me. 

Some might not know this but I abandoned that effort after a while donkey years ago, preferring to just stick with blogging. 

I didn't see any need for Facebook.

Then, how did I become so active in Facebook in recent years?

I was getting bored with just blogging.

Sounds familiar? 

Yes, boredom was a big reason why I started blogging too.

Anyway, there is enough interaction with people through my blog and Facebook page to keep me busy. 

Add the liberal number of emails and PMs on Facebook, I am kept quite busy online.

Human beings are social creatures and they need some social interaction. 

How much interaction we need will differ from person to person.

For some time now, I very much keep to myself and, fortunately, I like my own company. 

I don't know if it has anything to do with ageing or, maybe, it is a mental illness. 

Whatever it is, I do what makes me happy.

Although I do not visit forums, sometimes, I hear things from readers especially if these things involve me. 

A friend once joked that ASSI has its own vigilante corp. Perhaps so.

This was from a reader this morning:


If I am in the business of investor education,
I would show face but I am just a blogger.
I do this for fun.

leong revealed his portfolio size Liao
He full time like u lah
2-3 yr of your dividends can form his portfolio
I dono how he survive leh
considering he getting married, commitment sure a lot
300-500k portfolio size how to retire?
now got human capital don't leverage

I think his CPF account is probably wasted
One should have a holistic approach towards financial freedom, I feel.

Of course, all of us have different circumstances and there are many ways to build wealth. 

It is never my way or the high way.

(You might want to watch what I feel is an interesting video clip below.)

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"My philosophy in wealth building might be boring and it probably isn't suitable for everybody. Some are happy adopting it and it is only normal that some will brush it off."

(Start watching from the 6.30 minute.)


Anonymous said...

I see one as a humble guy who has arrived, so no need to prove himself to others. The other, not quite there yet, trying to flaunt his wealth...The former get my respect, the latter, disdain...

AK71 said...

Hi minx,

I will have to make a guess. Hmmm...

AK71 said...

Henry said...
Hi AK, is $1 mil enough to retire in SG if my expense is $3K per month?

AK said...
Hi Henry,
It would depend on at what age do you want to retire and how old are you now?

AK71 said...

Reader said...
your portfolio is massive!!!

AK said...
It is all relative.
Look at Warren Buffett's. ;p

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