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Sino Grandness and rights issue.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Just checking can you comment on SINO GRANDNESS rights issue?
Is it worth subscribing to the rights?

Always ask what is the reason for issuing rights. It seems like they have trouble repaying debt and, hence, the rights issue. If so, the rights issue does not add value for investors.
Subscribe if you believe that the company is able to do much better in future.

ok thanks for the advise.

If you are putting in more money but the performance declines, it is a bad deal.


Remember, not all rights issues are created equal. Some will enrich investors and some will impoverish them. 

In general, I do not like rights issues which happen because the balance sheet needs strengthening. They weaken our own balance sheet and do nothing to improve our cash flow.

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Freedom said...

Isn't consumer staples is a good investment regardless of the economies?

Freedom said...

Isn't consumer staples is a good investment?

AK71 said...

Hi Freedom,

I wonder if loquat juice and its kind are a staple.

I stop taking fruit juice more than a year ago. I rather eat fresh fruits. ;)

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