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When will I have as much passive income as you?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

What makes up a 'wealthy' face? LOL.

As my blog's readership grows, a question that gets asked more and more often is:

"When will I have as much passive income as you?"

Of course, one of the things I would say is that we have different circumstances and that financial freedom is not a race. 

All of us who reach our goals are winners. 

Some might take longer than others but they are still winners at the end.

Distilled to a word, patience.

In my retirement, I spend quite a bit of time gardening and, a few months ago, I took three cuttings from the mother Rosemary plant and planted them in a trough.

Today, I transplanted one into its own pot. 

It has been a few months but, for a Rosemary plant, its growth has been quite fast.

The other two cuttings are still nice and green but they have not grown much. 

Their time will come too. 

They are probably late bloomers. 

They are not in a rush and neither am I.

"When I find a stock that sells for 50 per cent of what I have determined it is worth, my job is basically done. Now it is up to the stock. It may move up toward its real worth today, next week, or next year... There is simply no way to know when a particular stock will appreciate, or if, in fact, it will."
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The beauty of investing in what we feel are undervalued for income is that we get paid while we wait. That makes patience more affordable.

There will always be people more successful than we are and you won't see me asking those who have more than I do:

"When will I have as much passive income as you?"

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owq said...

How about "When will I have enough passive income for myself?"

AK71 said...

Hi owq,

You have cracked it totally! :)

AK71 said...

Reader said...
It's saddening to lose your "income troop" however, be happy that you're awarded many years of CD :) I like the confidence you had in Singtel. I'm also looking for the opportunity to accumulate more of Singtel shares.

AK said...
Income troops? Hmmm... If I were to think along the same line, they were not just troopers. Croesus and Saizen were more like the Major General and Brigadier General in AK Passive Income Army. So, the loss is keenly felt but well compensated. So, can't complain. Haha. ;)
As for SingTel, time will tell. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. ;p
The beauty of investing the way I do is that I get paid while I wait. That makes patience more affordable. ;)

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