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This job is unpaid but offers exposure.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

From time to time, I would receive emails like the following:

Example 1:
I wrote to you some time ago and was essentially rejected by you. maybe you are more open to it now...please allow me to suggest two ways where we can collaborate...
Example 2:
...we do not pay panelist. However, we still hope that you would consider to be a panelist... talking about how each individual should build their portfolio at every stage of their life which also fits into our theme for this year.... looking forward to your favourable reply.
Watch this! ROFL!

"Oh, this job is unpaid but it does offer excellent exposure."

Yes, the word "exposure" is used pretty much all the time when people want me to work without pay.

Hey, see how I disguise myself? Do you think I want "exposure"?

I am just a hobbyist blogger. I don't have any product or services to sell. I won't make a ton of money if I have more "exposure".

When I am asked to do some work, I am giving up my time and putting in effort. I think it is fair that I get paid.

"When I am asked to give talks or make public appearances or do any kind of work, one way or another, I am always paid a fee because I am doing something on request.

"So, to be fair to others who have paid me for my time and effort in the past and to be consistent, I will have to decline your invitation."

If I am blogging for a living, then, I would probably want more "exposure".

However, the day I have to blog for a living is probably the day I will stop blogging. Very cham.

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Life is about many things and my time is in short supply.


Spur said...

Many brokerages, banks, fund houses offer so-called "free" talks & conventions from time to time. But in reality it's basically a big advertising campaign to sell their latest trading/investing ideas, services, trading platforms, financial products, paid newsletters, courses, financial blogs(haha), etc.

I guess even if it's really free like from MoneySense, it's just courtesy to offer even a token honorarium to cover transport costs, meals & time taken. And MoneySense-type free talks are covered by pre-allocated funds from govt, MAS, ABS, CPF, Tote Board, etc. Some also sponsored by banks (you'll then see many of the bank's salesmen milling about) --- these would form part of their social responsibility efforts & maybe qualify for 2.5X tax deductible too.

Basically no one would be doing it for free, if it involves significant effort & time.

Hmmm, how about just thru teleconference and limited to within 15min?? You can do it wearing underwear or naked & sipping pinna coladas in your bedroom. Haha!! :) 8O

AK71 said...

Hi Spur,

Nobody works for free and even those who work for charities could be paid enough to install golden taps. ;p

Work is work. Whether it involves significant effort and time or not just helps to determine how much a fee is fair. ;)

Some people might have good reasons why they should accept unpaid jobs from commercial entities but I don't have any. ;p

AK71 said...

From my FB wall:

Raymond Ng:
They should pay you at premium fee as you have already 'expose' to the community. They are leverage on you instead. lol

Irene Peh:
Instead of AK gaining exposure, those people should direct their 'clients' to read AK's blog to have exposure to more financial knowledge, the correct usage of CPF and eventually, financial freedom.

Jimmy Ng:
reject outright especially when the participants paid for tickets AND that there are paid staff manning the events.
I apply this rule when it comes to photography services. Tons of "for your good exposure", "we will like your photos and fb page lah".
Sure, there will always be others willing to step into the shoes to do for free. Let them lah.

Spur said...

Hi AK,

Speaking of charities & salaries :) :)

See how much CEO of SIAS is drawing:

Not a criticism though --- he's had his work cut out for him, and could have earned much more in corporate legal considering his background & connections as a former judge.

kehyi said...

Just for fun:

"Hi, judging from your requirements, it appears that you are looking for a "sucker". However, I regret to inform that I stopped "sucking" since my mother weaned me at around 1 year old. You may be better off looking elsewhere for "suckers" to do unpaid work for you. Best regards."

AK71 said...

Hi Spur,

Everyone has a price. ;)

Although I am retired, if someone could make me a tempting enough offer, I might rejoin the workforce. LOL. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi kehyi,

Thanks for this. I had a good laugh. ;p

AK71 said...

I was at Invest Fair and thought I might see you at the panel discussion with bloggers. Was a bit disappointed you were not there. Why didn't they invite you?

Oh, but they did invite me. I turned down the invitation. ;)

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