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Attended "Evening with AK" and bought books from BetterWorldBooks?

Monday, August 21, 2017

I have been an affiliate of Better World Books for a while now because I like the idea of doing my part for the environment and also to improve literacy for underprivileged children. 

I have not been blogging about them for a while and here is a recent chat with a reader.

I went to better world books to get my books. but i only received 2 out of 6 books i bought. to me it's ok since i got them for much cheaper than getting them new. but since u r still endorsing this website on your blog, thought u might want to know. maybe they are not as reliable since you first endorse them...

Actually, it happened to me once before.
You just have to write to them and tell them you did not receive your books and they will send you replacements.

i did, just letting u know since u endorsed them on your blog. just a disclaimer.

They sent me a replacement and it arrived with the original book I ordered.
So, I concluded that the problem was with the shipping and not BWB.

Yes i understand. it's tough for them since they are just the middleman. ok good to know u still hv faith in them.

Not faith or not lah.
It is just that if I have to buy a book, I rather buy it pre-owned, cheaper, good for environment and help the poor. 🙂
Charity lah. 🙂

haha you have become my favorite Santa Claus. Real in person and giving real gifts!

We are very fortunate people. If we can help the less fortunate, why not?

The world can do with a bit more charity and I am only doing my part. 🙂

All proceeds from "Evening with AK and friends" go to helping needy students, for example.

There will be one session later this year but only one. I really lazy this year. 😞

If you are thinking of buying a book, go to related post #1 below and you will be doing more than just buying a book. You will be saving money, saving the environment and saving lives.

To everyone who has attended "Evening with AK and friends" in the past, thank you too for helping needy students.

Also, look out for the next session of "Evening with AK and friends" which is going to be the only one this year. I will blog about it once all the details are firmed up.

To those who don't know, "Evening with AK and friends" is a chit chat session. If you have high expectations of me, it is best to give it a miss. ;)

Although I want to accommodate a larger group because the tickets usually sell out very quickly, it probably isn't going to be possible. 

So, if you want to get a ticket to the event, check my blog regularly in the next few weeks and, of course, once you see the blog, fast hands fast legs.
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