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HWZ says AK "self-victimise himself".

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A friend read something in hardware zone and thought I would like to know. He had a good laugh and I had a good laugh. 

I am sharing it here so that maybe many more people would have a good laugh.

Now, read this with an open mind. There could be some truth in what the person says.

Oh, and this video clip is just for dramatic effect.

HWZ forumer, w1rbelw1nd:

I dont think very positively on local bloggers, frankly. Yes, most of them may be altruistic and do it out of interest and passion, but also because of doing it for interest they have a tendency to interact with people of the same mindset (a sinkie tendency, no doubt), rather than challenge their own thinking. 

Just take a look at ASSI facebook page.

Quite recently there was a reader commenting that he should share more on his failures and bad picks. 

ASSI immediately (IMO) self-victimise himself and say things like "yea maybe i should take a break from blogging, since my sharing has adverse impacts on readers" and lol all the ASSI white knights come in and comfort him. 

The point is, under an environment where like-minded people seek each other, and just parrot each other, can these bloggers give a truly learned, informed and balanced view? 
(Source: HWZ)

Well, it is the truth. What? True?

Yes, it is true that I am blogging because I enjoy it.

I am not blogging because I have to. 

I am blogging because I want to. 

So, I don't have to give in to the demands of the audience. I do what I like.

Remember, I am just talking to myself here in my blog. I don't give advice.

If you want to eavesdrop although I don't know why you want to, take whatever I say with a pinch of salt (unless you suffer from high blood pressure).

Alamak! Did I just give some medical advice? 

Die lah. How like that? I blur.

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Unknown said...

Well said, AK. When one blogs, the other party reading has to take the responsibility of deciding how much to take to heart, and the blogger has no obligation whatsoever to the others who are reading in.

I found the last comment interesting "The point is, under an environment where like-minded people seek each other, and just parrot each other, can these bloggers give a truly learned, informed and balanced view?" and went to check out the HWZ thread.... interestingly its filled with comments from like minded bloggers selling their own brand of "ko-yok" to each other.... LOL. Pot calling the kettle black.

I think the internet is filled with many people who like to sell their own brand of medicine to others, and its up to the readers to decide. Take Value Buddies for e.g. - I used to read much into what they say but, after awhile, I noticed that even when a company's fundamentals are going down, the sector is going down, many vested "saviours" will come out and sell their own brand of analysis telling themselves that the company is still doing well in relationship to others etc.... its up to you to decide as the reader whether to take it with a pinch of salt or not. That is not to say there aren't salient points made there - of course there are.

I appreciate that you take the trouble to always do a quick analysis on the many counters that others bring up to you and that you do not mince your thoughts on them. I am sure it has helped many a young investor. It more than some other professional sites would do - they leave you with ambiguity.

Thank you for talking to yourself - and please continue to do so for many years to come -many have eavesdropped in and benefitted! So to all the naysayers, its your loss!

AK71 said...

Hi Tony,

The AK brand ko-yok is not for sale. It is for my own consumption. Growing old lah. Lots of aches here and there. ;p

I only look at counters which interest me. If it is not interesting to me, ask me to do analysis I also don't want. Really. I very lazy lah. :p

"...check out the HWZ thread.... interestingly its filled with comments from like minded bloggers selling their own brand of "ko-yok" to each other.... LOL. Pot calling the kettle black."

We are all blackened pots and kettles. Cham. ;)

Cory said...

People some how forgot we blog for the fun of it. They some how think they are our Customers ....
... ... .... and start demanding. I feel some sense of ignorance + arrogance in people.

WTK said...

Hi AK,

Everyone has his/her opinions. There is no need to please everyone for the sake of doing so. Focus on your core values and do things which you think it is appropriate.


AK71 said...

Hi Cory,

We local financial bloggers are very cham.

Get no money and also get no respect.

LOL. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

Always the case. ;)

Spur said...

Alamak ... if I want to have unlike-minded people challenging each other, I will just need to go back to work liao... plenty of selling koyok, hard sell, backstabbing and 1-upmanship needed!! Hohoho!!!

Besides today's society is a collection of echo chambers .... from newspapers to web sites, from TV series to movies and clubs & associations...

Just be open-minded enough to explore various ideas, but close-minded enough to reject what doesn't work for you.

AK71 said...

Hi Spur,

OMG! Back to work?

The horror! Noooo!

A thousand times, no! ;p

Kevin said...

Wah AK, SPH so cham until it needs to use ASSI to stir ah? :P

Unknown said...

Hi AK,
I wonder if u can consider recording a few video courses on investing, etc. on Udemy?

AK71 said...

Hi Kevin,

I am sure that SPH is innocent. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Unknown,

AK is just a blogger lah, not a guru. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi AK,
When I first come across your blog, what strike me is the pure honesty - you do what you say, you say what you do. When it comes to investing, it is always a problem when there is a self interest (be it those that get paid for blogging, or are vested in a company). But you have demonstrated very openly, the why you are in it, and why you are not. You have left it to us, the readers, to decide our own path. Like many who have commented, I thank you for openly expressing your thoughts and providing us so much wealth of knowledge. If there is anything like minded, is that we believe that only us are responsible for our own personal finances.

Happy New Year.... Jim

AK71 said...

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the compliment. :)

I always say that I am only talking to myself in my blog and that was really the case in the early days. My audience was me and only me.

This is also why I say AK is mad. AK talks to himself. ;p

I hope I am honest when I talk to myself. -.-"

Happy 2018. :)

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