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"This is getting embarrassing."

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Some readers might find this shirt which I have just washed and put out to dry familiar:

If you are one of those readers, you must have been following my blog since 2011! (See related post at the end of this blog.)

Back then, I blogged about the t-shirt and how it was at least 26 years old.

By now, it is 33 years old.

I wore the shirt out recently when I bumped into someone I had not seen in years.

We chatted a bit and I could tell that he kept looking at my shirt.

Finally, he said something which surprised me:

"I really cannot hold it back anymore but that shirt is so old and it looks old too."

He said something else.

He was pretty diplomatic but it was obvious that he thought it was embarrassing.

To be fair, he was not the first person to say something like that about the shirt.

The shirt has turned yellowish in places and its collar is out of shape.

OK, actually, if I were to be totally impartial (or brutally honest), the shirt looks like a sack that has seen better days.

I think it is time I give the shirt away to the rag and bone man.

Some might say I should have done it years ago but the shirt is so comfortable.

This reminds me of why Warren Buffett got a new car.

He got a new car because his daughter told him:

"This is getting embarrassing — time for a new car!"

Some of us are not very good with things like that and we should listen to people who are better at these things.

Live and learn, I guess.

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Frowns88 said...

Hi AK,

That is funny.
It is good that you do not really mind what others think of you, which is what most of us are weak at.

Talking about clothes, it is no wonder that the apparel industry is usually tough to survive.
Customers tend to like the comfort of their clothes even more as it wears off.

AK71 said...

Hi F88,

I don't really mind what people think about me most of the time but I am growing more sensitive to the idea that dressing presentably is also a form of courtesy (especially to people we care about) because most people care about looking presentable and do not want to be embarrassed by me.

Many years ago, I was scolded by my mom when I turned up at her birthday celebration in another old and worn looking t-shirt and it was a free t-shirt from a vendor too. Oops.

Bad AK! Bad AK! :(

AK71 said...

See also:

What to do when you have a hole in your backside?

Ben said...

Hi AK 71,

There is no need to bother with others' views. Be yourself and do things which you feel comfortable with.


AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

For sure, if I am not comfortable with doing something, I avoid doing it. ;)

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