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Monday, July 16, 2018

Reader says...
Hahaha, AK, I actually really like how you refer kids as consumption or hobby items.

Really turned on a light bulb for me.

Looking back, my kids have indeed been an expensive (underestimated the costs!) but enjoyable hobby for me.

A lot more fun when they were younger... less fun as they get bigger and sad thing is one day this hobby will have to end for me.

Though expensive, but finite, guess I just have to enjoy it as much as I can now and think of way to optimize my expenses on this hobby! :)

AK says...
I like to think that for most people this "hobby" has a finite life as a money sink.

Unfortunately, for some, this "hobby" is a money pit, a bottomless pit that lasts a lifetime.

The horror!


Bad AK! Bad AK!

For sure, we always hope for the best in everything we do.

However, having high expectations (i.e. being overly optimistic) could set us up for disappointment.

"Mr Tan retired with a sizeable nest egg. But soon, his children started borrowing money. Money that was never returned."

Watch the video:

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csky said...

Wow.. really "Choy AK", "Bad AK". So sad that horror stories like that happens.

Maybe good idea to never let your kids know how much money you have! Or better still, hopefully can teach them the value of hard work, frugality and independence from young.

AK71 said...

Hi csky,

I think like anything in life, luck plays a part.

We can only do what we feel is right and hope for the best results. :)

However, the way I see many families coddling their kids these days, I think they might be in for a tsunami of problems in future. -.-"

Whatever happened to the cane? Yes, the cane.

I know. Bad AK! Bad AK! ;p

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