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What is worse than growing old and destitute?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

I have blogged about my fear of growing old and destitute many times before.

Indeed, it is this fear that helps shape the person that is AK and not just in terms of money matters.

However, what is worse than growing old and destitute?

Today, I had a chat with a fellow blogger:

Oh .. I wanted to ask a qn

Suddenly figure out the answwr

Hahahahaha sorry


Was wondering when I buy using CPF, SRS and cash

When I sell, how they know which to sell?


Then I realised I put the option

Ya I know I getting stupid hahahahaha

no lah... growing older is liddat


cham liao

I still young at heart

Just old at the mind

How are u getting on

I am growing old and forgetful like u 😛

hope to catch u and others at your evening. 

I live by the day,hopefully tickets still available

I think u missed this blog:


So, what is worse than growing old and destitute?

Possibly, being rich and suffering from dementia!

Hey, it might sound funny to some of you but I am serious hor.

OK, at least half serious.

Remember the real story of the rich old lady who was cheated of her money by some tour guide?

At least in that case, her daughter found out and took action.

Or was it her grand-daughter?

Oh, no! I cannot remember.

Anyway, how many similar cases go unnoticed or unreported?

So, what is worse than growing old and destitute?

Maybe it is not being rich and suffering from dementia.

Maybe it is from being rich and suffering from dementia to being old and destitute!

The horror!

Happy Saturday!

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WTK said...

Hi AK,

I think that it's better to focus on the present and do the things one Likes. That's so much thing to worry about. No point bothering about the future. The present leads to the future. Let nature takes its nature.

My two cents of opinion.


AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

I am a worrier by nature.

I plan way ahead.

Can't help it. :(

veronika said...

Death will come regardless.
It is the nature of life.
Very much predictable as compound interest.

Once we have fulfilled our goals such as
attaining financial freedom, we can relax and
look after our health, strengthen our relationships with others,
and live a life with confidence that there will always
be shelter, food, clothing and medical care.

Because discipline has been moulded into a person who
achieves financial freedom, it is not likely the money will be
squandered away.

Live life, look after mental and physical well being not so much
as to prolong life but to prevent prolong illness. Not much can
be altered if genes dictate a higher probability of defects, but
live a life with purpose and dont forget to smile.
You have already achieved financial freedom 3X over. ( if not more!)

The next challenge is to stay physically active and mentally agile.
When is a good time to take up that challenge?


wenxin said...

hi AK,

could you share how do you plan for this?

wenxin said...

hi AK,

could you share how do you plan for old age when we are unable to take care of yourself?
thank you

AK71 said...

Hi veronika,

Always a pleasure to read your comments. :D

AK71 said...

Hi wenxin,

I have not thought of it in great detail but, roughly, I hope I would be lucid enough to check myself into a retirement home or village when the time comes, making arrangement with someone I trust to handle my finances and to pay the probably rather predictable expenses on time in my twilight years.

It is going to be quite simple but I will work out the details when the time comes.

Unknown said...


how apt you talk about dementia as I just attended a talk on dementia and it highlighted some facts I was previously unaware of.

Yes, sort out your LPA so you continue to enjoy your plan even if you blur king liao.

Unknown said...


How apt you mention dementia just as I was at a talk on it hours back and it highlighted few facts my frog cannot see in the well.

Yes, process your LPA so you continue to enjoy your plan even you totally blur liao.

AK71 said...

Hi Unknown,

It is quite a depressing topic but one that has to be brought up and discussed...

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