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1H 2018 passive income exceeded $96k.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Reader says...

I just started reading your blog last week and I am already a fan!

Your passive income is amazing!

Totaling first two quarters for REITs and non-REITs, you have already exceeded $96k!

How old are you now?

AK says...

Welcome to my blog. :)

I am 47 this year.

Reader says...

Oh, I see.

I thought you might be a retiree in your 60s or 70s.

A bit difficult for me to reach your level by 47.

AK says...

When you say you are my fan, it follows that I am your idol.

Honestly, I don't want to be your idol.

Seriously, you should not be my fan.

Don't compare what you have with what I have.

Don't focus on what I have achieved.

Instead, focus on what you can achieve.

Whenever I say,

"If AK can do it, so can you!"

I am referring to achieving financial freedom.

I am not referring to an early retirement from employment.

I am not asking readers to have the same amount of passive income that I have or more.

AK's 1H 2018 passive income exceeded $96K?

So what?

You don't be "kiasu", ok?


Who threw a packet of tissue paper at me?

Who? Who?

In Singapore, a packet of tissue paper is not just a packet of tissue paper hor.

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AK71 said...

Jackson Yang says...
haha... i think ak would prefer KDK or Dyson as his fan. :p

AK71 said...

Cassidy Gan says...
You are amazing to me.
There are a lot of others who are Rich, but you came to me as more a commoner as someone we can relate to.
I am still thrill to read your article.
Simple yet workable and effective in many ways. 谢谢.

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