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AK told to remove blog and it has to do with insurance again.

Friday, January 31, 2020

As a blogger, I have poetic license.

This license is something I use frequently as I talk to myself here in ASSI.

What is poetic license?

"The act by a writer or poet of changing facts or rules to make a story or poem more interesting or effective."
Source: Cambridge Dictionary.

In fact, without poetic license, I wouldn't enjoy blogging as much.

If you enjoy my blogs as much as I enjoy blogging, I am glad.

There will be people who don't enjoy my blogs but that doesn't make me sad.

The world is what it is.

My blog is what it is.

This is my blog.

This is my style.

These are my stories.

Please don't expect me to change anything.

I thought about it for a bit and decided that there is a need for this blog so that people who eavesdrop on me talking to myself are in the know.

Someone recently told me to retract a statement I made in my blog about getting free H&S insurance in Singapore.

In my latest reply to that person, I said:

"I have also said before that I have investments which are free and I even say that my current home is free.

"They are paid for by Mr. Market while my H&S insurance is paid for by the government.

"Must I remove all those blogs as well because you have a different take on the matter and that you disagree?

"This is my blog and there is such a thing as poetic license.

"Like I said earlier, you are entitled to your opinion, of course, and if it bothers you, ignore the blogs."

It reminded me of something that happened a few years ago when I was told to remove a blog on getting free term life policies.

I actually did take that blog down but later put it back up as many readers puzzled over my decision and some had yet to read the blog too.

I decided since that time that ASSI is my blog and it is what it is.

If people don't like what I have to say, they can choose not to read my blogs.

Which blog was it and when did that happen?

Interested in the story?

Free investment linked policies or term life policies?

I later added a side story at the top of the blog hinting as to why the blog was removed shortly after posting.

That blog has tens of comments from readers and that doesn't include the many comments in Facebook.

Poetic license was obviously employed in the blog but readers' comments were mostly supportive.

Most, if not all, thought that the blog was excellent.

AK was just talking to himself about a strategy.

It was pretty mathematical but I suppose it was pretty poetic too.

People who choose to read financial blogs like ASSI are probably smart enough to tell the parts which are mathematical from the parts which are poetic.

While effort has been made to make ASSI light reading, it can be pretty heavy at times, I guess.

OK, please pardon me as I might be giving myself too much credit here.

Pat on the back or slap on the back?

Whatever. ;p

Remember that AK is just talking to himself in his little corner of cyberspace.

AK is not seeking agreement from anyone and, most definitely, he is not seeking approval from anyone on how he should talk to himself.

Remember, eavesdrop on AK at your own risk.

Why AK says that?

Well, it could drive you crazy.

However, please don't push self talking AK to the brink as well.

Thank you very much.

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Siew Mun said...

But is really 'free' just need time and principle to generate interests that does not need me to spend time actively working. I standby you AK.

Rellangis said...

Yep I do enjoy reading your blog but as a blogger, one must be mindful of not spreading fake news in case minister issue takedown notice...

AK71 said...

Hi Siew Mun,

Of course, it is all about pASSIve income. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Rellangis,

Blogging or not, I am forever mindful not to take poetic license to extremes.

I don't like coffee and I definitely don't want to be invited by our "gahmen" to "lah kopi". ;p

Glad you enjoy ASSI. :)

AK71 said...

Readers who might be interested in blogs related to fake news in ASSI, see:

1. CPF fake news and financial prudence.

2. Purpose of CPF is to make the rich richer.

3. The CPF is really a national PONZI scheme!

4. CPF interest is passive income and real money.

AK71 said...

And I must not forget this one:

5. The Dirty CPF-HDB Scheme To Trick Singaporeans.





KK Tan said...

I like your blog very much and have been a regular follower of it for years. In this world, there is no real right or wrong except for a mathematical question - it all depends on our values and our upbringing, our beliefs and our experience. No one has the absolute right to say that his is correct and others are wrong. In this case, if the person is not agreeable, he/she can choose not to read it. As you always say, you are just talking to yourself. Readers, just beware and do your own assessment and take your own decision.
Jiayou! Keep this going please!

WTK said...

Hi AK,

It is always good to have peotic licence. I believe that this is the right for one to have one blog to provide his/her comment. People can criticise and make the terrible backlash on the blogger's post. I think that the blogger has such right to provide his views and ignore others' views. This is a freedom of speech and view. I am honoured to have one post of such nature and will be putting my prevailing view for interested party who may want to see my post. The same also applies to you as well as anyone whom I deem to have such right.

My two cents worth of views.


Capricon said...

Any chance share your views on the possible opportunities from the recent downturn due to Coronavirus..


Verseun said...

Hi AK ,

I agree with you entirely.

Warren Buffett wouldnt be the world's richest man if not for GEICO.

"By selecting its market segment and not having to pay agents' commissions, GEICO was able to offer insurance at a huge discount to other insurers while still earning a superior profit margin."

These commissions add a hefty sum to operating expenses and in essence these selling expenses constitute the reason why some insurers have to charge more (together with the fact that there are more claims in some policies).

If you were to eat at a restaurant, expect to pay more, but understand that the product might not be the best, healthiest or cheapest. If you are looking for an ideal and "healthy" product, then cook it yourself. Research and compare quotes, rates, deductibles, etc. Buy the best product that suits your needs.

Avoid lumping of products like investment and insurance. Its two separate functions, no one can plan your retirement better than yourself, work with a plan and your own plan.

And like what you always say, never ask a barber if you need a haircut. Take a good hard look in the mirror and ask around.

Thanks for ringing the truth AK.

cheryl2010 said...

Hi AK, always love your blog. Sometimes so short, I keep scrolling down thinking, "More, More".

With the recent drop in the overall markets, please talk to yourself what you have been buying. I can see a few, ahem, ComfortDelgro, Guocoland :) Let us eavesdrop a bit :)

AK71 said...

Hi KK Tan,

We are all different and that's why we have different opinions on things.

Many conflicts in the world today can be avoided if people understand and accept we are all different.

I know we don't have a choice sometimes.

Otherwise, why create more trouble for ourselves?

Thanks for the encouragement.

I am glad you enjoy ASSI. :)

AK71 said...


My blog is like my home in cyberspace.

OK, I have other homes in cyberspace like the one I have in Neverwinter.

So, more accurately, my blog is one of my homes in cyberspace. ;p

ASSI is my home in cyberspace where I talk to myself.

It is normal for my guests to think that I am crazy but they don't have to say that to me. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Capricon,


Don't want lah.

Bad karma. ;p

Anyway, I haven't look at anything new for a while now.

I might increase my investment in whatever I have now if Mr. Market goes into a depression.

Largest investments updated (4Q 2019).

AK71 said...

Hi Verseun,

Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment.

I hope that more people read blogs like this and are more careful when it comes to insurance (and all kinds of financial) products.

For sure, no one cares more about our money than we do. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi cheryl2010,

Sometimes, so short.

Sometimes, nothing. ;p

As for the stock market, see my reply to Capricon above.

AK lazy to repeat lah. ;p

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